Monday, November 17, 2014

Really --- It's Fall in Ohio ??

I can't believe that it is fall here in Ohio.  Even though I've lived here all my life.  I guess one good thing about all this "weather", that it should make for many "happy sewing days" in our craft/sewing rooms.

Showing Fall in my Kitchen

And, showing "Winter" out my kitchen door?

I have had issues with my computer, so was unable to post anything for a while.  Solved that problem, I hope, bought a new computer.  Now "learning" the ways of this one, even though my computer savvy son says it is still the same ......... "mom ... it's the internet .... you're still connected in the same way".  Well, computer "savvy" I am not. LOL

I have been sewing a little here and there.  I completed a small baby quilt for my daughter's SIL's baby boy.  I've had this adorable fabric; that was actually my grandson's fabric that my daughter had purchased for picnic tables at our local zoo (Cleveland) for his first birthday party there.  Of course, Gramma was right on the ball, as usual, he is now 5 and I didn't use it for his quilt.  I did make him a darling baby bears quilt, though. 

So, I had 4 yards of  fabric and  time for a fun project, so hence, the baby quilt.  I wanted to use as  much of the fabric that I could, so came up with this pattern.  I had  2 yards left after completing the quilt top, and wanted a fun back for it.  So, I played around with piecing it.  I think it turned out cute, bright & cheerful for a baby boy.

I have enough fabric left to make my grandson a pillow case, as a remembrance for him of his first birthday party.  Smart Gramma, huh?  I like to pat myself on the back now and then. LOL Oh, I don't have it sewn yet, but I have all the parts and pieces cut.  LOL

Here it is........ Peek A-Boo @ the Zoo!


Okay, you probably noticed, I don't have a quilt label on it, yet!!!!  But, I got to get it in mailed soon.  I want it in the mail to my daughter for Thanksgiving, so I had better get it done like yesterday!! LOL 
Recently had a fun sew-in-day at our Guild Hall.  On Guild meeting date, we have "our" hall available for the entire day up until our meeting in the evening.  So, there are classes we can sign up for, or just go in and work on any project you want to. 
My friend and I decided to do our online Small Quilt Talk Group's monthly challenge for November.  The group belongs to Kathleen Tracy, she gives us a challenge each month for fun.  November's challenge was to make the Housewife Needle Case from her book, Remembering Adelia.  It didn't peak my interest, what would I do with a needle case?  But, I decided that I too would do this on our sew in day.  I used some fat quarters that I had won from Kathleen Tracy's blog., A Sentimental Quilter.  They were from Andover Fabrics, created by Jo Morton.  Really pretty fabrics, and I was saving them for just the perfect project.

My first thoughts on this project was,  what I would use it for?  Well, I got to thinking,  I do many different hand projects, requiring many different needles.  DUH!!!  A case for each project ...... embroidery, cross stitch, and hand quilting .... just to name a few.  Every time I start one of these projects, because I am so organized, I end up buying more needles because I loose the packaging that the needles come in, and then I am guessing which ones goes with what projects?  The only ones I can identify right off are my quilting needles. LOL
November Challenge:  Housewife Needle Case 

This is a really quick and fun project.  Great Christmas gifts for sewing friends.  I already have a list a "mile" long, besides making a few more for me!!!!
I am now going to "pa-roozz" the internet and my quilt magazines for an idea for a quick table-topper for Christmas.  I just want simple and quick ......  Every year I say I am going to do my Christmas sewing in July!!!!  I'll put that on my New Year's List of to do's.
Have a fun day in whatever you choose to do.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Something for Fall!!

I have a daughter who loves to "craft", and is very good at it.  She is a lot like her father in the fact that when she gets an idea to do something, it must be done immediately.  So, last week on her day off, she wanted to make a craft she had seen on Pinterest.  So, off to the craft store to buy supplies we went.

I am not generally "a crafter".  I like to quilt and do my other handwork items.  She is also an accomplished quilter, but she "loves" to craft more, I think.  So, her plan is for us to make rag wreaths.  Her's will be done for Halloween, and mine just something with a fall theme.

But, before we can concentrate on our wreaths, we must also make something for daughter #2, her sister, because it is her birthday, and she is coming out to spend the day with us.  It's a girl's day, as #1's husband and 2 boys are off to a steam engine show, leaving her daughter, birthday girl, me and said #1 daughter to enjoy the day.  2 dozen cupcakes and hot chicken wing dip later, B.D. Girl arrives.  She is not a crafter, she just wants to hang out.

We all  head to the quilt store for Daughter # 1 to buy fabric.  It can't be just anything thrown together, no, it must match and have the same theme.  Finally, after an hour or so ....... we leave the store with her purchases.  No time to craft, must eat cupcakes and have chicken dip.  Their brother, my son, joins us for the cupcakes.  Soon, everyone departs ........... no crafting has taken place.  LOL

Now, it's 7 PM and  I am to tired to even think about starting "my wreath".  So, next day, I start the process, the long process, of tearing strips and cutting to the desired length.  Probably a couple hours worth..  That evening, the "fun" starts?  Well, in the beginning it seems like it just isn't going to work out right.  I don't like how I've tied them on ........... daughter did not explain how to do this part!  So using the trusted internet w/U-tube .......... I found out how to do it.

Next evening, put in another 4/5 hours of tying knots onto the frame.  Getting the hang of it, really like how it is turning out.  Boy, it sure takes a lot of pieces ..... hope I have enough.

Lots and lots of pieces ...... I have a couple of them tied to the frame.  Not impressed at this point.

Well, this is after working on it about 8/9 hours.  LOL     Hoping I get this done by next Fall season!

Finished, worked on this last evening while watching new TV programs.  I actually enjoyed the process of this wreath.  I now want to make a couple smaller ones, maybe.  LOL  Lighting wasn't really good, but it does resemble fall leaves:-)   I had some really old "corn" fabric that I tied into a bow .... I am kind of proud of myself on how this turned out.  Even husband said it looked nice.

So, hope you were able to stick with me during my rant about this craft.  It actually seems to be a therapeutic thing for me to do.  LOL Ranting that is, not crafting. LOL

Need something to hang on your walls for fall?? Should take you 2 / 3 days ........ or more .......... give this a try.  Don't have to be crafty to make this wreath.

Check back to see if Daughter #1 has any more crafts up her sleeve for her mother to try.  LOL

Friday, August 29, 2014


Finished, actually finished this project early in August, but couldn't find time to set down at my computer and post the results.  I still have a "desk top computer", which means I have to be at my desk to do "computer" stuff.  LOL

I think this quilt is probably one of the most fun quilts I have ever done.  I definitely have to make another one in this way!  I let go of my "O.C.D." long enough to really enjoy the process of the surprise.  Sure, there were a couple of times that I would have liked to have "cheated" at the choice of the fabric that I pulled out of the bag.  But, true to my project, I sewed the pieces together as they came next.

All the blocks were done in the manner of pulling a piece of fabric out of the bag, no looking; and adding them to the block I was working on.  Okay, I got a little nervous, and wanted to pick again, especially when a couple of the same colors of fabric got to "live" next to each other.  Like a couple of the "reds" ...... they just bring my eyes to them.

As I noted, all the log cabin blocks were pieced by "surprise", but I actually chose my border colors:-)  Had to have a little "O.C.D." in this quilt.  LOL

I am using this quilt as my UFO challenge project for the month of August for the on line quilt group I belong to....  The Small Quilt Talk Group ..... Technically it wasn't an old UFO, but in my mind it was, as I new I wanted to make an American Doll Quilt for my granddaughter, Izabela, who is going to turn 9 in September. I had been thinking about this project for a good long time since their vacation ended with us early in July. (They were living in Texas at the time.)  So, what better way for me to "kill" to birds with one "stone"?  Make it my August Challenge and Izabela's birthday present.  Well, one of her birthday presents!!  She also has shown Gramma the robe and slippers that she wants for her American Girl Doll that would match hers. Of course, she is going to get them too:-)

So, here is my UFO & Izabela's Quilt, titled ................ HUGS & KISSES FOR IZABELA

Hand quilted with X's & O's thru out the quilt ...... hence ..... Hugs & Kisses for Izabela!

So, get your scraps out, have them cut to whatever you need for your block, and put them in a bag, and just have some fun.  You might be surprised at the out come.

Thanks for stopping by .......... you never know what my "brain" will cook up, so stop back.  Have time, leave me a comment ...


Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I am kind of a control "freak" when it comes to laying out my completed quilt squares when I am doing a quilt top.  I remember doing  the "Turning Twenty" pattern; which is cutting different sizes from a fat quarter and just mixing (not matching) the different cut pieces from your fat quarters. Well, O.C.D. me had to make sure each cut piece matched in the square.  SIGH!!!!

But, I found that I really could let "go" of the urge to match, and that it really is okay. LOL  I decided for my granddaughter's birthday in September, she will be nine, I would make her another doll quilt for her American Girl Doll.  She has two dolls, and I only made her one so far.   Bad Gramma!!!  So, my favorite all time quilt block is the log cabin.  So, I decided I would make her a doll quilt with this block and do it in 30's fabrics, which I have a lot of, and they are not a fabric of my choice anymore.

So low and behold .......... a thought occurred to me ......... I would cut strips 1 inch wide, making the strips come out to 1/2 inch when sewn ....... making a 3 inch block in the end. I will make 7 rows, 6 blocks to a row.  That is my plan at the moment.  I have been known to change things as I go along. LOL

So, I pulled out all my 30's fabrics (I had recently just colored coded them in bags, brilliant idea!) and fabrics that maybe could pass for 30's fabrics.  Separated all my one inch strips into groups by color.  Then, I placed one of each colored strip into a bag, and began to sew.  I started with the center square at 1 1/2", all in the same fabric.  From there, I pulled out a strip from the bag, not looking, and I used what I pulled out.

This is fun, fun project.  Goes together pretty quickly, well, at least I think for me:-)  I pull them out in sets of 3 at a time.  Lay out my 3 starting squares, and pull 3 strips out, 1, 2, 3.  I don't match them to any of the 3 I have out, I match them in the order I have them in line.  Hope that last statement wasn't to confusing.  LOL

Started color grouping cut strips!

Now, adding all strips to bag!

These are strips that I have already used in the current blocks I am working on.
These strips, along with the other strips in the bag, will all be added back into
the bag when I have run out of strips in the bag.  Hope I didn't loose anyone on that
last statement.  LOL  This way, you should end up with no two blocks being the
same.  (Notice, I said should).

WALL'A!!  Block Completed.  Only 41 more to make for the doll quilt:-)

If you have never done anything like this, I hope you give it a try.  I'll be posting the completed doll quilt in a couple of weeks.  I have a couple things to complete by end of September for an upcoming quilt show and some "odds & ends" that I never seem to get done.  I know, I am probably the only quilter that has "odds & ends" that never get done. LOL  It's an odd thing, I seem to be growing my fabric stash more than using it up?

Thanks for stopping bye...............


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quilt Top Finished!

A year ago our on line group, SQTG, had two signature block swaps.  The Snowball Block and a Flying Geese Block, and a 20 block Ohio Star Block exchange that I was invited to participate in.  

The snowball blocks were quick and easy to assemble.  The flying geese blocks, I had nightmares at times. Trying to make 60 plus blocks  "perfectly", to send off; because there are some exceptionally talented quilting ladies that are in this group, I labored over these blocks.  I had my son inspect them, as he is a talented and a world wide known builder of RC Crawlers.  Everything he builds is nothing but perfection. Don't know where he gets that from. LOL  It sure isn't me. LOL So, his eye rejected a few of my blocks. LOL   So, trying to do the "perfection thing", it resulted in having a few x-tra blocks, both flying geese and Ohio Star blocks.

March, 2014 I finished my Snowball Quilt.  I truly love this little quilt.  I documented on the back side the states and countries that were in the exchange.  I sewed the blocks together alphabetically with the quilter's first names.  I wanted the participants to be able to see where their blocks were in the quilt if viewed on line.

Now, loving the arrangement that I had made in the first quilt, I wanted to do something like it for my flying geese blocks.  Lovely blocks ........... the thing was, that if I chose to do the alphabetically thing again, a few of the quilter's first names, if done alphabetically, wouldn't work.  It seems like the "K's" and "S's"  enjoyed the same choice of color in their alphabet. LOL   So, I had to play around with different combinations. Because I didn't have the number of "even" blocks I needed to complete my design, I had to "delve" into those in-perfect blocks I had rejected.  LOL

I had most of the 9 rows of 8 blocks each hanging around on my design wall for a few months.  After my daughter and family returned home a week ago from vacationing with us, I decided that I didn't like the design I had created, and I took apart most of the quilt in one evening.  Laid out the individual blocks, and a couple rows I didn't have to touch, and got those imperfect blocks and threw them in too.  Well, much to my amazement, the quilt top looks pretty darn good.  Trying to "make" it perfect by having everything match, didn't work in this case.

This is the pile I ended up with, rows and blocks separated

I couldn't decide on the picture of the quilt top to show.  So, I am showing both!

So, I guess the moral to this long story is:  enjoy your craft, stop trying to please that "eye" that see's imperfections.  Really love and be excited about what you can achieve.  It "ain't" rocket science ........

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Surprise.......I'm back, just in case anyone noticed I was gone. LOL

I have been a busy girl, but not much to do with sewing, or quilting.  I was doing so well keeping up with my monthly SMQT group challenges.  Then mid-June came, and I received an early birthday surprise, given to me by my husband.

He had been working on a surprise for a couple of months, bringing my daughter and 3 grandchildren home from Texas as a birthday surprise for me.  He almost gave me a heart attack........maybe he had an alternative motive?  Anyway, one afternoon I walk into my living room, and there setting at my kitchen table are my daughter and grandchildren!!!  I guess the rest of the family had found out except for me and my oldest daughter.

So, good bye to my craft room for a few weeks.  They are here for another few days, leaving the day after my birthday.  I have been notified by my better half that this birthday present will take care of the next many birthdays presents, anniversary presents, and probably many Christmas presents to come!!!!  We'll see about that statement of his. LOL

It's always good to try and take a picture when they have to look into the sun!! Duh.... 3 of my birthday presents!!!

I haven't been totally craft free though.  Somewhere in the last couple of weeks, my friend, Charlene !!, got me interested in cross-stitching.  It has become a very addictive pastime ........... really enjoy doing it in the evenings while watching TV.  I can't believe that it has taken me so long to get into this craft.  She has been doing it for awhile, and I have always admired her cross-stitching.  But, looking at her latest pattern got me thinking I needed to do this.  I have completed 3 projects, currently working on my 4th..........  I am by know means ever going to be good enough to enter them into any "craft show", but what the heck, I sure do like how they look around my house.

I haven't abandoned by love for quilting.......... I think after the Texas invasion leaves, and I get back into my routine of sewing......... I'll work on some quilting projects during the day until I get to the finishing part where I need to hand quilt them.  For now,  I have time to set in the evening, or outside during the nice summer mornings and pick up my cross stitching.

These were what I was working on before my Texas gifts arrived.  I was going to do a patriotic table runner tutorial.  Well, put this on my to do list before next summer????

Oh, I have so many quilting projects that I need to finish, and want to start.  Does it ever get any easier? Oh, and not to mention the mending, and window panels I need to do for the side of my entry door. Oh, my mother gave me some of her pants, LAST SUMMER, to cut and hem for shorts for her.  I guess I still have time to get them done FOR THIS SUMMER???? LOL  I have to stop thinking about all of these things................or I need to go find some sugar goodies to keep me grounded?  LOL  Some Sugar has won out!!!!

Road Trip, oh road trip..............need to plan one of these soon with my quilting buddy.......... Quilting road trips always get the "quilting juices" running.  Quilt shops, fabric, a good time with these elements.

Until next time..........

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Well it has taken me a while, things just seem to get in the way of plans sometimes.  I had all the placemats cut out, ready to sew.........then procrastination set in, the "I'll work on them tomorrow" syndrome.  LOL

Below are pictures and directions on the placemats that I made.

I used two coordinating fabrics.

Cut one 13 1/2" wide strip by width of fabric:  From strip cut 4 (13 1/2" x 8 1/2") Side A Centers
Cut one 13 1/2" wide strip by width of fabric:  From strip cut 4 (13 1/2" x 8 1/2") Side B Centers

Cut strips of both fabrics to border Centers:  Each placemat will have (2)12 1/2" x 2" strips, and (2) 13 1/2" x 2" strips.

Attach the 13 1/2" to each longer side, and then attach the 12 1/2" placemat completed!!

This was the reversible arrangement I was planning on doing.  But, I usually change things as I go. LOL  I chose to add another 1" border to the tops and bottoms of each placemat.  I wanted to get more of that turquoise color in there! 

After adding the 1 inch borders around the sides of both sides..........I layered batting the size of the placemats...........Place Side A, right side up atop the batting.  Place Side B atop Side A, rights sides together.  Stitch around edge with 1/4" seam, leaving space to turn the placemats right sides out.


I couldn't find any placemats to my liking, so I chose to make my own.  I am so glad I did..........well, in truth, I have one made.........three to finish.  LOL  And, I probably need to think maybe making a total of 6 or 8.  Or...........this could make a great table runner too!!!!!!

I had mentioned that we are "Iris" lovers.  Take a quick walk around my garden and see what is popping up around here.

Something else poking up too!

Mr. Frog's garden!

I have got a few projects I need to get moving on.  I started sewing the blocks together on my Flying Geese signature swap ............but I don't like how I laid them out, and I now need to get out my seam ripper and probably rip out 6 - 7 rows.  A new challenge from our small quilt group....I would like to make 2 of these for my 2 granddaughters that need them for their I am sure this is going to happen! Oh, I have started a new craft.....cross stitching.........I have finished one picture, framed it and everything!  Now finishing up the other one.  They both compliment each other, and I think they are headed to my bathroom.

My back is starting t ache, so that's all for now.  


Saturday, May 17, 2014

April Rain....Brings May Flowers!

Okay, it's May 17th, enough with the rain already. LOL  But, I guess it's true, we do need the rain to help our flowers grow and be beautiful.  Hopefully soon, I will be able to share with you the blooms on our Iris's. We love the Iris here at "the homestead".

Well, hello, and welcome to any new viewers and hopefully to old friends.  Since my last update, I have completed a few things.  I'll share them on down the page.  I have also started another "new" craft for me.  I have long admired my friend's, Charlene's, cross-stitching projects.  She is working on this enormous pattern, and I fell in love with wanting to do something.  So, we headed off to a nearby store, and I bought my first cross stitch pattern.  I have a lot of  things still to learn to make a "perfect" piece, but I am enjoying the process, and I am doing pretty good for my first time.  I can where I screwed up, but someone is going to have to have their magnifying glass out to locate all of them. LOL

I have commented before how I enjoy doing some kind of handwork in the evening while watching TV. From hand quilting quilts, crocheting, and knitting projects.  But, cross-stitching is becoming my evening project.  Lot's of hours in this little thing I am doing, but I am almost done!!!

I have also been able to complete another of my quilt challenges from my on line quilt group.  This was our May Challenge.  Funny story here:  I was fabric shopping for my No. 3 daughter's table runner.  No. 1 daughter that I was shopping with, picked up this table runner pattern at the quilt store that would be fun to make for daughter No. 3.  So I purchased it.  Well, you probably guessed it, if I had any luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. again LOL

Two days later, our May's challenge turned out to be the same  pattern that I had just paid $10.00 for, and our group was given a free pattern to download. I did change it up a bit:-)  Well, I guess it saved on printer ink and paper:-) That's okay, because I love my patterns..........can't have enough patterns, right?

I really loved doing the Prairie Points from our April Challenge, so I added it to the edges.

Oh, this is the back view, and oh yes, these our lovely Mother's Day flowers from Daughter No. 3
I am one lucky mom, in more ways than I can count.

Aren't these spectacular?  There are little white flowers that bloomed in the middle of the purple!!!

Aren't these fabrics wonderful?  

Stop back soon, I am hoping to get started on these fabrics in the next couple of hours.  I am working on a simple, quick project...........hopefully that is what it turns out to be. LOL  I will share with you what I am making, and I will include the pattern. This should be a quick weekend project..................try it, you may like it.

Thanks for the visit.............please leave a comment, and if you have a blog.........include it.........


Monday, April 21, 2014

Another Holiday Come & Gone

It's definitely true, the older you get, the faster "time" goes.  Wasn't it just the New Year a few weeks ago?

At least the weather here in Northern Ohio for Easter was perfect.  It was a bitter sweet time for our family, daughter No. 3 and her family were not able to join us again this year.  They were here two years ago, which to my way of thinking..........seemed like last year.  It's that old age time flying thing!!!!

We still tried to keep with some traditions though.  My oldest grandson (15) and oldest granddaughter (13) along with their 10 year old brother wanted to do an egg hunt.  Which I heard through their mother was my idea and they would do it "for me"!  When I brought up the idea to them.........they quickly responded with a yes.  "Make it hard for us Gramma" came the cry from my granddaughter.

So like the dutiful Gramma that I am (LOL) I buried 66 colored plastic eggs.  Everyone had their own colors.  So, 3 grandchildren and my 2 daughters and son were also game to play.  Candy in some, IOU's in some for a later date, and the grandchildren's Easter Money in one.

So, of course, my youngest grandson found all of his except the one with the money in it. So, I toured the yard around the house a couple of times........can't find it.  Then I asked him for the 3rd time if he had actually looked in a certain place.........well no, he thought I said something else.  Anyway, thank goodness, he found his money.  Note to Myself:  do not put their Easter Money in a plastic egg and hide it.

So, out of 66 eggs hidden, and me unable to bend or walk the rest of the day, they found all but 2.  We did several searches, and I can't for the life of me think of where the heck they would be.  Note to Myself:  Requested by egg hunters.........Gramma make a map the next time!!! LOL

Back to Quilt Talk.......... I finished the April Quilt Challenge given to us by Kathy T. from her group SQTG. I am pretty proud of myself so far this year.  I have made all 4 quilts as of this date.  This, I think is my all time favorite small quilt challenge.  I had never done Prairie Points before, have always wanted to do I was feeling a little unsure of myself for this challenge.  The quilt turned out to be a really fun and quick small quilt to do.  The Prairie Points were so much fun ......and they actually turned out even on all four sides.  

Quilt Name:  Prairie Point Delight.......23 1/2" x 29"

I have had a busy day with friends, a local road trip, and I am worn out from having so much fun.  I have a new hand craft that I am anxious to try.  I enjoy embroidery and have been admiring my friend, Charlene's, counted cross stitch samplers.  They are just adorable, and she is in the process of making this huge wall hanging.  So, I asked her to get me started......and please, make the Aida Cloth large enough for these old eyes to count the cross stitches. LOL So we found a pattern today....and wish me luck.  I can't wait to start it, but I think I'll have to wait for tomorrow.........gonna make this an early night bedtime.  Oh, of course I have to kill a slice of cheesecake my daughter made, or maybe the piece of pecan pie my other road buddy, Gail, sent my way.  Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions!!!!

Bye for now......please visit again.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Must Have Sewing Gadget!!

At a recent Guild Meeting, we had a lecturer, Cindy Casciato, showing us her quick and easy ruler she had designed for flying geese, half square triangles, corner square triangles, and many more blocks using this tool. It is The Magic Triangle Method Ruler.  You also can purchase templates that have all the calculations for everything you can use the ruler for.

I am not going to show a picture of it, because I don't know the rules and regulations of showing someone's product without their permission!  But, I would highly recommend that you find her on the internet and check it out for yourself.  That would be:

The flying geese is the one that caught my eye.  In the fall I had been in a flying geese signature block swap.
Much to my dismay.....I had a heck of a time making all my flying geese (at least 250+) coming out perfect. I tried many many ways to make them.  I even did the Quilt in a Day version.  It was better, but they still had problems. LOL

This last week, I have been working on getting this flying geese signature block swap quilt put together.  I have it on my design wall, I just need to tweak it  a little more.

Also, in the last couple of weeks, I put together our SQTG April Quilt Challenge quilt.  I have the top completed..........currently hand quilting it.  It has prairie points sewn into it, something I had never done before.  But, they turned out pretty good.........It was a quick and fun quilt to put together.........  I'll be posting it once I get it all quilted.

Until then...........hope all is good in your "world".

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Oh, I have so much to learn about posting things on my blog. seems that one of my post headings got a lot of attention.  Attention like this I was not trying to get.  My "Happy Dance" heading was referring to some accomplishments that I had made due to my quilting.   NOT what "Happy Dance" may mean to others.


So..........I will try and pay close attention to what my "heading posts" say from now on.  I just had to put this out there in the "universe".....:-)

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Week of Some Accomplishments!

Well, another week passing by so quickly.  It is true, the older you get, the more time flies.

I did get a few things done:  I finished my March Challenge Quilt from my yahoo Small Quilt Talk Group.  Boy I am on a roll......... So far, I have finished all of our challenges for 2014.  I pa-roused the photos of the other members, and they have quilts galore hanging on their walls.   I have substantial wall space in this house, I need to get something on them.

This is my completed March Challenge Quilt.  I finally named it:
Sailing Into The Future?  
The blocks just reminded me of sailboats..........hence the name.  LOL 

Oh, and of course, my surprise fabric from Kathy Tracy's recent give away.......Andover Fabrics.....I received them in the mail on Saturday.  They are beyond anything I thought I would receive.  The fabric line is just beautiful, and I can't wait to use them.  Also, I of course will have to look into buying some of this line as it will make a beautiful quilt.  NOTE TO ME:  Have to make a quilt for the guild quilt show this fall, WOW, wouldn't this make a gorgeous quilt?  Such rich colors, I am a very happy camper:-)  Will update you on the progress of this.  

I hope my ramblings have put a smile on your face, and get you in the mood to sew?

As always, thank you for stopping by, please stop back.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

One of Those Days :-(

One of those days:  I think we all probably have one, now and then.  I seem to be having more than my share lately.  But, more about that down the page.

Okay, I did actually accomplish a couple things from my craft room this week!  I finished the March challenge from the yahoo quilt group I belong to, Small Quilt Talk Group of Kathy Tracy's.  I also finished hemming my son's curtains for one of his bedrooms in his soon to be moved in house:-)  I only have 4 more windows to do for now, which will be a total of 8 more huge panels.  So far, so good.  The 2 I did came out even.  Like that is going to happen again!

Oh, I should have led with this.........I won a fabric give-away held by Kathy Tracy from her blog., Sentimental Quilter.  I was notified on St. Patrick's Day by her that I had won.  I'm looking at the e-mail she sent me, and it just didn't register in my brain that I could have possibly won.  But, there it was, asking me for my address so she could mail me some fabric.  Well, that definitely set the tone for the day.........lucky me!!!
I am hoping that it might be into day's mail.......I haven't ventured out to the mail box yet.

Now, show & tell of my sewing progress so far this week:

March Challenge Quilt

These really aren't colors I usually wood choose; a little bright for me, but my daughter said she liked them, so, maybe it will go live with her:-)  I really like this little fabric sign I made a few years back, so I had to get it in the picture! My Contrary Wife Block Quilt is peeking out from underneath it.  I am trying to come up with a good name for this little quilt, my mind keeps wanting to use "flags" something.  Flags waving in the breeze, flags sailing on the water, flags (what)?

Okay, topic of the day:  One of Those Days:  I decided it was time to start on a quilt challenge from September 2013, Little Red Schoolhouse Quilt.  The quilt is taken from Kathy'Tracy's quilt book, Prairie Children & Their Quilts.  I collected red and blue fabric to make this challenge.  Put them in a container so I wouldn't end up using some these fabrics for another project.  Usually I am not this smart :-)

Anyhoo....I am thinking I might like to paper piece this schoolhouse block.  I am in no way a great paper piece/foundation sewer.  LOL  I tried to find something "free" on the internet to work from for the size of the block I needed. Couldn't find anything.  So, I actually drew up a worksheet for each piece I needed.  I attached the different paper pattern pieces together, and they matched.  Good for me.

So, I constructed my first block.....squared it up to the 4" I needed, it worked.  Now, this process only took me about 6 hours to do, and that is not counting the hours I spent on making the pattern the night before! Okay, one side may have to be kind of worked into the seam.  All that work and not perfect, I am thinking I am going to make a block from the book's instructions!

Well I did, and it turned out perfect!!!! I had made the block, maybe under an hour.  WOW, I am so proud of myself..........setting back and admiring my work.........what do I see?  Let's see if you can find what I did wrong. LOL


Yes, the dormer is another fabric.  I took my time, made sure I had my 1/4 inch seams, matched all my dots.... perfect.........except for the fabric that doesn't match the house.  What you gonna do?  Get my trusty seam ripper and rip those seams out!!! 

I hope I have made you smile, no matter how we try to be perfect, sometimes that little "craft prankster" that lives somewhere in our sewing rooms.......has fun at our expense.

Until next time..........gotta go check my mailbox....maybe my surprise has arrived.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It is a blistery day here in Northern Ohio, but I am doing a happy dance!!!  My signature swap block quilt is finally done.  I belong to an online small quilt group (Kathleen Tracy's Small Talk Quilt Group) and we had a Snowball block swap last summer.  Our blocks were mailed in early fall to our hostess, and I am thinking we received our bundles early in November.

This is a special quilt, and I wanted it to tell it's own story.  So, I titled it and put a descriptive label on the reverse side.  I attached them alphabetically.  That was the easy part, because I didn't worry that same colors might "touch"..........

Well that's one swap block quilt done!  Our group also did an Ohio Star swap block last summer.  I just had to participate in both of them. I am thinking maybe over 110 blocks I made for these two swaps?  Anyway, the Ohio Star is going to wait a few more months before I get involved in putting that together. LOL

Now, my next project will be our March's challenge of half square triangles.  This unfortunately is a challenge for me...I seem to have a hard time making my squares turn into the same size half triangles.  LOL  But, yesterday I bought different size marking rulers to maybe help me with this problem.  I'll let you know.....

As always, thank you for visiting, please stop back.


P.S.:  Well, trying to enlarge the quilt pictures didn't work.  This is where the quilt is going to live for the time being.  I'll have to have my son play with getting me a better picture.  Ho Hum!!