Saturday, March 22, 2014

One of Those Days :-(

One of those days:  I think we all probably have one, now and then.  I seem to be having more than my share lately.  But, more about that down the page.

Okay, I did actually accomplish a couple things from my craft room this week!  I finished the March challenge from the yahoo quilt group I belong to, Small Quilt Talk Group of Kathy Tracy's.  I also finished hemming my son's curtains for one of his bedrooms in his soon to be moved in house:-)  I only have 4 more windows to do for now, which will be a total of 8 more huge panels.  So far, so good.  The 2 I did came out even.  Like that is going to happen again!

Oh, I should have led with this.........I won a fabric give-away held by Kathy Tracy from her blog., Sentimental Quilter.  I was notified on St. Patrick's Day by her that I had won.  I'm looking at the e-mail she sent me, and it just didn't register in my brain that I could have possibly won.  But, there it was, asking me for my address so she could mail me some fabric.  Well, that definitely set the tone for the day.........lucky me!!!
I am hoping that it might be into day's mail.......I haven't ventured out to the mail box yet.

Now, show & tell of my sewing progress so far this week:

March Challenge Quilt

These really aren't colors I usually wood choose; a little bright for me, but my daughter said she liked them, so, maybe it will go live with her:-)  I really like this little fabric sign I made a few years back, so I had to get it in the picture! My Contrary Wife Block Quilt is peeking out from underneath it.  I am trying to come up with a good name for this little quilt, my mind keeps wanting to use "flags" something.  Flags waving in the breeze, flags sailing on the water, flags (what)?

Okay, topic of the day:  One of Those Days:  I decided it was time to start on a quilt challenge from September 2013, Little Red Schoolhouse Quilt.  The quilt is taken from Kathy'Tracy's quilt book, Prairie Children & Their Quilts.  I collected red and blue fabric to make this challenge.  Put them in a container so I wouldn't end up using some these fabrics for another project.  Usually I am not this smart :-)

Anyhoo....I am thinking I might like to paper piece this schoolhouse block.  I am in no way a great paper piece/foundation sewer.  LOL  I tried to find something "free" on the internet to work from for the size of the block I needed. Couldn't find anything.  So, I actually drew up a worksheet for each piece I needed.  I attached the different paper pattern pieces together, and they matched.  Good for me.

So, I constructed my first block.....squared it up to the 4" I needed, it worked.  Now, this process only took me about 6 hours to do, and that is not counting the hours I spent on making the pattern the night before! Okay, one side may have to be kind of worked into the seam.  All that work and not perfect, I am thinking I am going to make a block from the book's instructions!

Well I did, and it turned out perfect!!!! I had made the block, maybe under an hour.  WOW, I am so proud of myself..........setting back and admiring my work.........what do I see?  Let's see if you can find what I did wrong. LOL


Yes, the dormer is another fabric.  I took my time, made sure I had my 1/4 inch seams, matched all my dots.... perfect.........except for the fabric that doesn't match the house.  What you gonna do?  Get my trusty seam ripper and rip those seams out!!! 

I hope I have made you smile, no matter how we try to be perfect, sometimes that little "craft prankster" that lives somewhere in our sewing rooms.......has fun at our expense.

Until next time..........gotta go check my mailbox....maybe my surprise has arrived.


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