Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Something for Fall!!

I have a daughter who loves to "craft", and is very good at it.  She is a lot like her father in the fact that when she gets an idea to do something, it must be done immediately.  So, last week on her day off, she wanted to make a craft she had seen on Pinterest.  So, off to the craft store to buy supplies we went.

I am not generally "a crafter".  I like to quilt and do my other handwork items.  She is also an accomplished quilter, but she "loves" to craft more, I think.  So, her plan is for us to make rag wreaths.  Her's will be done for Halloween, and mine just something with a fall theme.

But, before we can concentrate on our wreaths, we must also make something for daughter #2, her sister, because it is her birthday, and she is coming out to spend the day with us.  It's a girl's day, as #1's husband and 2 boys are off to a steam engine show, leaving her daughter, birthday girl, me and said #1 daughter to enjoy the day.  2 dozen cupcakes and hot chicken wing dip later, B.D. Girl arrives.  She is not a crafter, she just wants to hang out.

We all  head to the quilt store for Daughter # 1 to buy fabric.  It can't be just anything thrown together, no, it must match and have the same theme.  Finally, after an hour or so ....... we leave the store with her purchases.  No time to craft, must eat cupcakes and have chicken dip.  Their brother, my son, joins us for the cupcakes.  Soon, everyone departs ........... no crafting has taken place.  LOL

Now, it's 7 PM and  I am to tired to even think about starting "my wreath".  So, next day, I start the process, the long process, of tearing strips and cutting to the desired length.  Probably a couple hours worth..  That evening, the "fun" starts?  Well, in the beginning it seems like it just isn't going to work out right.  I don't like how I've tied them on ........... daughter did not explain how to do this part!  So using the trusted internet w/U-tube .......... I found out how to do it.

Next evening, put in another 4/5 hours of tying knots onto the frame.  Getting the hang of it, really like how it is turning out.  Boy, it sure takes a lot of pieces ..... hope I have enough.

Lots and lots of pieces ...... I have a couple of them tied to the frame.  Not impressed at this point.

Well, this is after working on it about 8/9 hours.  LOL     Hoping I get this done by next Fall season!

Finished, worked on this last evening while watching new TV programs.  I actually enjoyed the process of this wreath.  I now want to make a couple smaller ones, maybe.  LOL  Lighting wasn't really good, but it does resemble fall leaves:-)   I had some really old "corn" fabric that I tied into a bow .... I am kind of proud of myself on how this turned out.  Even husband said it looked nice.

So, hope you were able to stick with me during my rant about this craft.  It actually seems to be a therapeutic thing for me to do.  LOL Ranting that is, not crafting. LOL

Need something to hang on your walls for fall?? Should take you 2 / 3 days ........ or more .......... give this a try.  Don't have to be crafty to make this wreath.

Check back to see if Daughter #1 has any more crafts up her sleeve for her mother to try.  LOL