Monday, March 21, 2016

A Little Something Else!

This is something I will be working on very soon.  It is for a special little guy that was born not to long ago😊

Hope to have time to start cutting parts and pieces this week.

Talk at you soon to update you on the progress!



Gotta love Mother Nature .... She doesn't believe in looking at the calendar, which says it is spring..  Living in Ohio we don't ever rely on the calendar either.  lol

So, it's been a little while since I sat down to update blog.  I truly have been busy quilting, and still am.  I have even thrown in a couple of "crafting" things the last couple of months also..  My daughter is a wonderful craft designer, tries to pull me in to make some of the things she is doing.  I can honestly say, I don't have the "crafting" gene.  That bowl of plastic eggs below were to all be covered in strips of fabric.  I managed to complete 8?  That bowl was to be full of fabric eggs.  And, because I was going to be ambitious and make a whole lot more, I have 3 bags of plastic eggs in my craft room now waiting to be completed for next year.

This came in a panel of 12 blocks, I noticed that they were hanging from branches of one tree.  But they were not connected together in the panels.  So, I cut the panels apart trimmed them back and built the tree.  I think it came out really well, and it will be on my kitchen wall for spring & summer.

I think I may have started the quilt below late fall/early winter.  I know I had parts and pieces done, but wasn't in a hurry to get this finished.   It was a six part series from McCall's Quilting Magazine that they ran in 2015.  Not wanting the queen size it would have been, I modified it down for a wall quilt, or possibly for my dining room table.  The name of the pattern is Cottage Romance.  I hopefully have only about another week of evening quilting to do on the outer border blocks.

My computer is not co-operating with my downloading pictures, so I guess this is all for now.

Catch you later,