Sunday, May 17, 2015

Getting Caught Up!

It's taken me forever to get back to my blog and do some posting.  This winter sure did take a toll on my energy, brain energy that is.  Then when I did finally start accomplishing some things, I couldn't post any pictures or write about what I was doing.  Most of everything was to be a surprise for my granddaughter.  Two months of projects!!

Well, the Gnomes had to move their house to another garden.  It seems a band of Trolls moved in next to them, and they were a loud bunch.  So they traveled down into the valley hoping that they will have a nice long stay in this place.  lol

These dolls kept Gramma busy sewing for them for about 3/4 weeks.  

I was surprised how much fun these clothes were to make.  Ah, a few of them had me scratching my
head for a minute or two.  lol

The pink shrug was a head scratchier.  The blue wrap dress is one of my favorites.  I kind of customized it a little bit from the pattern.

Of course the stripe "mod outfit" made me think back to the 70's.  haha

The orange dress is a Peasant dress .... super easy after I re-read the instructions a few times.  lol
I was really surprised how these pj's went together.  I have to do another pair ... I think these are Izabela's most favorite outfit.

A craftier I am not.  But, I put together a makeshift closet and hangers for the dolls until Grampa has the time to make a better one.  This was just from a box covered in fabric.  But my granddaughter really loved it.

All the clothes patterns can be found in the pattern booklet by Annie's Sewing:  Love to Dress Up" for 18" dolls.  These were just a couple of the patterns in the booklet,  My Granddaughter may have to wait until her birthday in September to get the rest of them.

I also made two small quilts for the bunk bed Grampa is going to make!

I don't believe it, but I never got a complete "done picture" of the quilt I made for  my granddaughter as a gift for her First Communion.  I must have thought that I would get a picture of it after she opened it.  You know the saying, "Best Laid  Plans and all"

This shows a couple of blocks and  the turquoise flannel fabric for the back.  This quilt was the size for a double bed, and it was very warm and very heavy in my hoop to quilt.  But I was on a mission and got it hand quilted in  2 weeks.

I did get a picture of the completed top laying on my bed.

Look what I found on my camera,  a picture of my Granddaughter, Izabela, after she opened it.  

At this time I don't know where my next sewing project is going to take me.  I know I am way behind in my monthly Loyal Union blocks .... need to play catch up there.  Also, I have enough fabric to start the Cottage Romance Quilt published in the 2015 McCall's Quilting magazine. 

Well, it gives me something to think about as I lay down to sleep at night.  If I can't fall asleep right away, I usually have some quilting project playing in my brain.  lol  Before I know it ... I fall asleep.  Bad thing ... I never remember the great quilt I created in my head.  DUH!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you will visit again.