Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beautiful Day In Ohio

Finally ... Blue sky's, lots of sun, and of course a breeze, can't have a sunny day w/o that darn breeze to keep it on the cooler side.  But no complaints here, nice to be able to set out on my new deck and smell my roses, yes new roses that actually have a fragrance.

Yesterday as I was sewing I was thinking about the recent finds that have made my sewing easier.    Now most of the sewing community have been using these gadgets for years, but I guess I have been oblivious to them.  Now mind you, I have been sewing for 40 plus years and quilting for more than 20.

These are nothing earth shattering, but I am so glad they are now in my "things" that I can't live without.  Okay, I can live without them, but I would be a cranky, or, crankier person.  lol


We will start with the clips.  Oh my gosh, how did I bind quilts without these little things?  Well, first of all, with lots and lots of pins that I constantly jabbed my fingers with!

I also cross-stitch.  I like to color my patterns with colored pencils when I finish a certain area.  I could never get a sharp point on the pencils.  Tried every sharpener out there, battery ones are not strong enough.  The little plastic sharpeners are a joke.  Then, at a recent quilt expo ... they were selling of all things the old metal pencil sharpeners that I knew as a kid.  WOW, why didn't I buy more ... brain never works that way.  Okay, they may be available somewhere else, but these eyes never spotted them.  another lol

Thimbles .... I have tried a few in the last plus 20 years.  My sewing buddy, friend, confidant, and more spotted these at Joann Fabrics.  They are made by Clover, and another WOW, they are terrific.  I use to have to wear a finger cozy on my finger to keep my other thimbles on, because they were always to large.  Small thimbles always to small.  Here again ... need to pick up a couple more to keep in my different areas of sewing.

Oh, looking at that rubber finger?  Used many of these before I retired from office work. But  I found another use for them.  Again, replaced the finger cozy that I wore on my finger to pull my needles up thru fabric.  Really, really works good and grabs those little needles w/o any problems.

My new gadget that I will "never ever" give up, a walking foot for my sewing machine.  I am a hand quilter .. so why would I want one of these for my sewing machine?  Well, I found a fabric panel and a table runner that I wanted to get completed pretty quickly..... So time for a walking foot.  Completed the wall hanging, it leaves a lot to be desired sewing wise.  Sewing a straight line is gonna take a little practice.  Not going to give up, and unless you put your nose directly on my wall hanging you might not see the mis-sews. lol. Don't put your nose on this picture either.

I had this laying under my red umbrella, so unfortunately it looks pink when it is white.  Remember, don't put your nose on the picture to see my crooked stitching!

Time to hit the shower .. This has been an all day process, have more to show but will do at another time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Just wanted to say hello and to send a thank you to all who have been visiting my blog to find that I haven't updated anything in a long time.  I have been busy the last couple months working on and finishing projects.  I have a love hate relationship with this computer.  When I think I need to set down and post something, it feels that I shouldn't ... and won't co-operate in showing my pictures.  I will have to break down and ask my computer smart son what the "h---" am I not doing/or am doing wrong.

So ... just wanted to say Hi ... and will be back soon, hopefully.  I find that writing is good therapy and I so need a fix.

Thank you