Friday, May 24, 2013

Cold Day in Ohio

Well it is definitely a cold day here near the shores of Lake Erie.  But, I was out and about in our yard a couple of days ago, so I have some updated photos to share of our spring gardens.  They really are taking shape...........and, oh yeah, lots of watering!!!!

We are Iris lovers.  I have more in bloom in the garden from it being so warm just a couple of days ago, but I don't have them off of my camera.........  Enjoy these lovelies for now..............

Our yard is getting smaller by the flower. LOL  But, there is always room for more Iris.  Now my husband is talking about expanding our flower beds on the outside of our fence.  We have about 30 feet or so that extends outside.  The ground is so hard, and from what our neighbors tell us, our house was the last one built at the end of the street, so guess where they buried all the ruble?  Yup, we were the winners!!!

It's to cold to play outside today, so I think I have to tackle my "craft/sewing room".......... Inspiration is just a clean table away.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Have I Been Doing?

What have I been doing instead of my monthly challenge quilts?  I know time has been flying by, and it now will soon make me (3) months behind.  But, I did accomplish something in my sewing.

My two youngest granddaughters received American Dolls for Christmas.  They have 2 dolls each, which means they must now be clothed.  My 6 year old, Izabela, informed me that their dolls had to sleep in their clothes, and they badly needed pj's and nightgowns for them.  So, of course, with that being said, this Gramma had to hurry and make something for them.  Without having the dolls to fit outfits properly, I called on the 18" Cabbage Patch that I have in my craft room, which belonged to my oldest granddaughter.  This Cabbage Patch doll, being a little more "round" than the American Dolls.........I figured if it fit her, it should fit their dolls.

So, I made one pj's pattern and one nightgown pattern.  I 

They were really fun to make, and though the patterns were to be so simple, they were a challenge in the beginning.  But, I have been sewing for many more years than I can believe I have been sewing, self taught, and I got them done!!!!

Joan Hinds is the author of the book "Doll Fashion Studio" and recently appeared in reruns of Sewing with Nancy on TV.  I thought, I could do this, so I sent for the book.  It has 20 different patterns, from rain jackets to dressy dresses, and lots more.  Many of these patterns can be intermingled to come up with even more patterns, which I did on the top for the pj's.

My girls got their package last week, and they "love" them.  I wanted to make sure that these fit their dolls before I start on a wardrobe for all their dolls.  

So, this has been one of the reasons I am so behind in my small quilt challenges.  But, there is no time that they can be too late; so sometime in the next "year",  I should be able to catch up. Also,  there will be many rainy days ahead this spring and summer where my sewing machine will be calling me!

One good thing for today, it "rained" in our gardens today.  Which gives me more time to plan on sewing instead of an hour and a half watering plants.

Thanks for stopping by...........


Build It and They Will Come!!

Can you see the visitor the fairies are about to have?  I hope it isn't too early in the morning for them! 

I think he is going to welcome them to the forest!

I guess they were up and ready to greet their visitor.  They are pointing out things of interest to him!

 Mr. Frog wants to get in on the welcome also!

He seems to like what they have done to the place!!

Stop back to visit, I am sure the fairies will have more to share soon!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Back!!

Thank you all for your nice comments and e-mails regarding the Fairy House my son made for me.

I had a very nice Mother's Day.  I got presents, even though I tell my children, please do not spend money on me.  They don't listen....  But I do enjoy my presents, and I appreciate their thoughtfulness.

 Surprise, surprise,  beautiful roses delivered to my door.  There is nothing like roses to make you smile and cry!!!!  Can you smell them......... I can just by looking at this picture:)

 Oh, not to mention my favorite cake!  Coconut Cream, all hand made, and loaded with lots of calories!!!  See why I like presents?

Flowers, a beautiful hanging basket, my children do know their mother so well.  My daughter said this will attract hummingbirds and butterflies............ I'm going to hold her to that statement!!!  Hopefully this Ohio weather hasn't killed off my hummingbirds.

And of course, my Fairy House.  I've started planting things around it, so the fairies have places to hide when we are out and about in the garden.  This picture shows a better view of the size of the house.  Can't wait till the plants take hold and start to fill in around the house.  It will make it look like a cottage in the woods!!

I have to set down one of these days and take stock of the things that I need to finish in my craft room.  The weather had been so nice that I had been working in the yard and not setting behind my sewing machine.  I only have to put the binding on the quilt that heads my blog.  Why can't I just do that?  Then, I am so behind on my monthly challenges in the small quilt group I belong to.  I just can't stay focused.............

Well, thanks for stopping by......... maybe I'll have something for "Recipe Thursday"....... if only I can stay focused!!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Has Sprung in Our Gardens!!

We have had a couple of really nice spring days in the last week and a half here near the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio!  So, I thought I would share the beginnings of spring and summer in our gardens.  My husband has a natural talent when it comes to setting up our flower and vegetable gardens. It becomes a full time job for him, but he loves it.

When we moved into this house 3 summers ago, we had one lonely flower planted in the back of the house.  Just yard and pine trees.  How blah was that?

Well, these "blue" forget-me-nots are the first things to pop up in our flower garden this year.  Aren't they just precious?  They just keep multiplying and growing larger and larger every year.  They are in the perfect place and will bloom off and on thru summer.  Soon, the iris, roses, and day lilies will be in bloom also.

This is the beginning of our vegetable garden.  He has been putting things in for the last 2 weeks.  There were a few nights we had to go and cover things so the frost wouldn't get to them. He can never wait to get his garden going for the summer!!

Now, I am sharing early pictures of my "Mother's Day" present that my son has made for me.  I am one lucky "mother"!!!!  I started a few years ago making a fairy garden in a bird bath.  Every year I weed out the old, and add a new vignette for my fairies. This was last summer's plantings.  I'll update later when my new plants have had a chance to grow.

 But this year, my son decided to make me a house for the fairies to live in.  I put it under a small ornamental Japanese red maple.  Now, we have to do plantings so the "fairies" have a more secure place to make their home!

He placed it in my garden last night.  All 90+ pounds of it.  Then he added a stone wall.  There is still ground cover to be added, but, I couldn't wait to show this darling house on my blog.

 I even got stained glass windows!!!!!!!

The roof will have moss growing on it eventually.  He made a concoction of buttermilk and real moss that he paints on.  It will eventually grow and cover the whole roof.  He has more ideas to add more "stuff" around the house.   This wasn't planned, but can you spy the man in the window?  He's wearing a pirate hat!!!!

I now have to go spray the roof to keep it moist for growing the moss............... Keep checking back, I will be adding updated pictures of the "little fairy house".  I'm thinking the house may need to set in the middle of a field of blue forget-me-nots?  hmmmmmmmm

Until next time,


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coming Soon..........My Mother's Day Gift!

I have been a little busy the last week, moving my mom from her home in Western Ohio to the City where I live, just a couple blocks down the street from me.

But, to my surprise while I was away for a few days organizing the son had started a surprise for me.  I have had my "fairy garden" for maybe 5 years, in the top of a bird bath.  In the last couple of years I have been admiring the "fairy houses" that you can buy at some of the garden centers.  Beautiful little cement cottages, churches, etc.  Well, they also cost a pretty penny too.  But I have been hoping that maybe one day one of these would appear in my garden.  I sure have been giving everyone the "hint"!!

Well, my crafty son is in the process of building a stone cottage with stained glass windows.  I have been taking pictures as he progresses.  As I am in the middle of helping my mom get her new place comfortable, I will be posting these pictures from start to finish soon.

Please stop back and see my soon to be Mother's Day Gift.

Sharon L.