Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Have I Been Doing?

What have I been doing instead of my monthly challenge quilts?  I know time has been flying by, and it now will soon make me (3) months behind.  But, I did accomplish something in my sewing.

My two youngest granddaughters received American Dolls for Christmas.  They have 2 dolls each, which means they must now be clothed.  My 6 year old, Izabela, informed me that their dolls had to sleep in their clothes, and they badly needed pj's and nightgowns for them.  So, of course, with that being said, this Gramma had to hurry and make something for them.  Without having the dolls to fit outfits properly, I called on the 18" Cabbage Patch that I have in my craft room, which belonged to my oldest granddaughter.  This Cabbage Patch doll, being a little more "round" than the American Dolls.........I figured if it fit her, it should fit their dolls.

So, I made one pj's pattern and one nightgown pattern.  I 

They were really fun to make, and though the patterns were to be so simple, they were a challenge in the beginning.  But, I have been sewing for many more years than I can believe I have been sewing, self taught, and I got them done!!!!

Joan Hinds is the author of the book "Doll Fashion Studio" and recently appeared in reruns of Sewing with Nancy on TV.  I thought, I could do this, so I sent for the book.  It has 20 different patterns, from rain jackets to dressy dresses, and lots more.  Many of these patterns can be intermingled to come up with even more patterns, which I did on the top for the pj's.

My girls got their package last week, and they "love" them.  I wanted to make sure that these fit their dolls before I start on a wardrobe for all their dolls.  

So, this has been one of the reasons I am so behind in my small quilt challenges.  But, there is no time that they can be too late; so sometime in the next "year",  I should be able to catch up. Also,  there will be many rainy days ahead this spring and summer where my sewing machine will be calling me!

One good thing for today, it "rained" in our gardens today.  Which gives me more time to plan on sewing instead of an hour and a half watering plants.

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  1. love the doll clothes. You can make some for my girls if you want. lol. ok I'm 57 and my brother for my birthday this year made me 2 doll beads

  2. Sorry meant doll beds, of course they were for my 18 inch dolls. They were made from wood, I had given him the link from someone that had made the plans for these beds out of wood.

  3. I really had fun making the 2 patterns. Now, being that I have to clothe 4 dolls, I had better get busy, they are waiting for more!!! I was telling my other daughter this morning that I am going to have to buy an 18" doll, besides the Cabbage Patch, can't afford the American Girl Dolls, so I have a working model. LOL