Friday, May 24, 2013

Cold Day in Ohio

Well it is definitely a cold day here near the shores of Lake Erie.  But, I was out and about in our yard a couple of days ago, so I have some updated photos to share of our spring gardens.  They really are taking shape...........and, oh yeah, lots of watering!!!!

We are Iris lovers.  I have more in bloom in the garden from it being so warm just a couple of days ago, but I don't have them off of my camera.........  Enjoy these lovelies for now..............

Our yard is getting smaller by the flower. LOL  But, there is always room for more Iris.  Now my husband is talking about expanding our flower beds on the outside of our fence.  We have about 30 feet or so that extends outside.  The ground is so hard, and from what our neighbors tell us, our house was the last one built at the end of the street, so guess where they buried all the ruble?  Yup, we were the winners!!!

It's to cold to play outside today, so I think I have to tackle my "craft/sewing room".......... Inspiration is just a clean table away.


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