Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Back!!

Thank you all for your nice comments and e-mails regarding the Fairy House my son made for me.

I had a very nice Mother's Day.  I got presents, even though I tell my children, please do not spend money on me.  They don't listen....  But I do enjoy my presents, and I appreciate their thoughtfulness.

 Surprise, surprise,  beautiful roses delivered to my door.  There is nothing like roses to make you smile and cry!!!!  Can you smell them......... I can just by looking at this picture:)

 Oh, not to mention my favorite cake!  Coconut Cream, all hand made, and loaded with lots of calories!!!  See why I like presents?

Flowers, a beautiful hanging basket, my children do know their mother so well.  My daughter said this will attract hummingbirds and butterflies............ I'm going to hold her to that statement!!!  Hopefully this Ohio weather hasn't killed off my hummingbirds.

And of course, my Fairy House.  I've started planting things around it, so the fairies have places to hide when we are out and about in the garden.  This picture shows a better view of the size of the house.  Can't wait till the plants take hold and start to fill in around the house.  It will make it look like a cottage in the woods!!

I have to set down one of these days and take stock of the things that I need to finish in my craft room.  The weather had been so nice that I had been working in the yard and not setting behind my sewing machine.  I only have to put the binding on the quilt that heads my blog.  Why can't I just do that?  Then, I am so behind on my monthly challenges in the small quilt group I belong to.  I just can't stay focused.............

Well, thanks for stopping by......... maybe I'll have something for "Recipe Thursday"....... if only I can stay focused!!



  1. Well you were definitely spoiled this year! :)

  2. The year isn't over yet, hint, hint, hint!!!!!!

  3. It's all looking good! The picture still doesn't do justice to how big and nice the fairy house is! It's just too stinkin' cute!