Saturday, May 17, 2014

April Rain....Brings May Flowers!

Okay, it's May 17th, enough with the rain already. LOL  But, I guess it's true, we do need the rain to help our flowers grow and be beautiful.  Hopefully soon, I will be able to share with you the blooms on our Iris's. We love the Iris here at "the homestead".

Well, hello, and welcome to any new viewers and hopefully to old friends.  Since my last update, I have completed a few things.  I'll share them on down the page.  I have also started another "new" craft for me.  I have long admired my friend's, Charlene's, cross-stitching projects.  She is working on this enormous pattern, and I fell in love with wanting to do something.  So, we headed off to a nearby store, and I bought my first cross stitch pattern.  I have a lot of  things still to learn to make a "perfect" piece, but I am enjoying the process, and I am doing pretty good for my first time.  I can where I screwed up, but someone is going to have to have their magnifying glass out to locate all of them. LOL

I have commented before how I enjoy doing some kind of handwork in the evening while watching TV. From hand quilting quilts, crocheting, and knitting projects.  But, cross-stitching is becoming my evening project.  Lot's of hours in this little thing I am doing, but I am almost done!!!

I have also been able to complete another of my quilt challenges from my on line quilt group.  This was our May Challenge.  Funny story here:  I was fabric shopping for my No. 3 daughter's table runner.  No. 1 daughter that I was shopping with, picked up this table runner pattern at the quilt store that would be fun to make for daughter No. 3.  So I purchased it.  Well, you probably guessed it, if I had any luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. again LOL

Two days later, our May's challenge turned out to be the same  pattern that I had just paid $10.00 for, and our group was given a free pattern to download. I did change it up a bit:-)  Well, I guess it saved on printer ink and paper:-) That's okay, because I love my patterns..........can't have enough patterns, right?

I really loved doing the Prairie Points from our April Challenge, so I added it to the edges.

Oh, this is the back view, and oh yes, these our lovely Mother's Day flowers from Daughter No. 3
I am one lucky mom, in more ways than I can count.

Aren't these spectacular?  There are little white flowers that bloomed in the middle of the purple!!!

Aren't these fabrics wonderful?  

Stop back soon, I am hoping to get started on these fabrics in the next couple of hours.  I am working on a simple, quick project...........hopefully that is what it turns out to be. LOL  I will share with you what I am making, and I will include the pattern. This should be a quick weekend project..................try it, you may like it.

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