Thursday, September 3, 2015


Yup, that's been me .... Missing In Action for the last couple of months, again.  I have been pleasantly busy off and on actually creating things. lol

I finished my flag quilt.  It turned out super cute.  I thought I would enter it in our county fair, but unfortunately things happen.  Like I got "glue" somehow on the back and front ... just enough so it wasn't predestine enough for the fair.  But, actually seeing things that placed at the fair .... I should have entered it.  I am making another one for my daughter, or daughters, and one of those will be hopefully perfect for next year's fair. lol

Moving on ..... We had a couple of sew-in-days in our Guild to work on Quilts of Valor.  Lots and lots of fabric is donated for these quilts.  There were 3 of us that had the same fabric, but all 3 totally different patterns.  The other 2 were just awesome, but of course no pictures to show.  So, I had to come up with something just as striking.

 It really is hard to see the fabric prints with the sun on it.  But ... truly it is a nice pattern.

My friend, Charlene, and I took a purse class.  It was a Professional Mini Tote Bag ..... It was a challenge at times, and often heard myself saying, I hate this bag, I truly hate this bag!!  But many hours of homework after two, three hour classes each ..... we finally finished them.  Here is my first purse - bag project.  Don't know if  I will ever tackle making this again!   We'll see.  But, I maybe will do a simple tote bag:-)

This was after 3 hours of sewing ..................................

TA DA!!!!

Inside has many pockets.  Oh Gee ... even a pocket 
for the I-Pad I am sure I am going to get one of these days:-)
Probably when H _ _ _ freezes over?

In between all that, I have been working on the Cottage Romance quilt.  I completed the inside with the pin-wheel stars and the log cabins.  I have to figure out the placement of these logs .... I just hung them on my wall.  I have 2 more large pin-wheel blocks that will be on the corners to complete.

It seems I just can't help but take blurry pictures!

Our quilt guild will be having their 2016 Quilt Show next fall.  So I have a few ideas running around in this head of mine to make.  Someone in guild suggested we have a section of only red & white quilts.  I am seriously thinking I will do one of these.  I have always loved the school house blocks, so, I am thinking that will be a must do.

I've just been summoned for dinner .... so have to end this here.  Please stop by again ... say hello.