Monday, November 17, 2014

Really --- It's Fall in Ohio ??

I can't believe that it is fall here in Ohio.  Even though I've lived here all my life.  I guess one good thing about all this "weather", that it should make for many "happy sewing days" in our craft/sewing rooms.

Showing Fall in my Kitchen

And, showing "Winter" out my kitchen door?

I have had issues with my computer, so was unable to post anything for a while.  Solved that problem, I hope, bought a new computer.  Now "learning" the ways of this one, even though my computer savvy son says it is still the same ......... "mom ... it's the internet .... you're still connected in the same way".  Well, computer "savvy" I am not. LOL

I have been sewing a little here and there.  I completed a small baby quilt for my daughter's SIL's baby boy.  I've had this adorable fabric; that was actually my grandson's fabric that my daughter had purchased for picnic tables at our local zoo (Cleveland) for his first birthday party there.  Of course, Gramma was right on the ball, as usual, he is now 5 and I didn't use it for his quilt.  I did make him a darling baby bears quilt, though. 

So, I had 4 yards of  fabric and  time for a fun project, so hence, the baby quilt.  I wanted to use as  much of the fabric that I could, so came up with this pattern.  I had  2 yards left after completing the quilt top, and wanted a fun back for it.  So, I played around with piecing it.  I think it turned out cute, bright & cheerful for a baby boy.

I have enough fabric left to make my grandson a pillow case, as a remembrance for him of his first birthday party.  Smart Gramma, huh?  I like to pat myself on the back now and then. LOL Oh, I don't have it sewn yet, but I have all the parts and pieces cut.  LOL

Here it is........ Peek A-Boo @ the Zoo!


Okay, you probably noticed, I don't have a quilt label on it, yet!!!!  But, I got to get it in mailed soon.  I want it in the mail to my daughter for Thanksgiving, so I had better get it done like yesterday!! LOL 
Recently had a fun sew-in-day at our Guild Hall.  On Guild meeting date, we have "our" hall available for the entire day up until our meeting in the evening.  So, there are classes we can sign up for, or just go in and work on any project you want to. 
My friend and I decided to do our online Small Quilt Talk Group's monthly challenge for November.  The group belongs to Kathleen Tracy, she gives us a challenge each month for fun.  November's challenge was to make the Housewife Needle Case from her book, Remembering Adelia.  It didn't peak my interest, what would I do with a needle case?  But, I decided that I too would do this on our sew in day.  I used some fat quarters that I had won from Kathleen Tracy's blog., A Sentimental Quilter.  They were from Andover Fabrics, created by Jo Morton.  Really pretty fabrics, and I was saving them for just the perfect project.

My first thoughts on this project was,  what I would use it for?  Well, I got to thinking,  I do many different hand projects, requiring many different needles.  DUH!!!  A case for each project ...... embroidery, cross stitch, and hand quilting .... just to name a few.  Every time I start one of these projects, because I am so organized, I end up buying more needles because I loose the packaging that the needles come in, and then I am guessing which ones goes with what projects?  The only ones I can identify right off are my quilting needles. LOL
November Challenge:  Housewife Needle Case 

This is a really quick and fun project.  Great Christmas gifts for sewing friends.  I already have a list a "mile" long, besides making a few more for me!!!!
I am now going to "pa-roozz" the internet and my quilt magazines for an idea for a quick table-topper for Christmas.  I just want simple and quick ......  Every year I say I am going to do my Christmas sewing in July!!!!  I'll put that on my New Year's List of to do's.
Have a fun day in whatever you choose to do.