Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inspiration is Back!!!

Hello, long time no talk.  I have been a little on the unproductive side, thinking about starting my small quilt challenge, but not getting any inspiration to start.  Low and behold, last week, it just clicked.  I got my fabrics lined up that I had chosen for my April SGQ challenge, and really started to play with it.

Our "assignment" for April was a block titled "Contrary Wife" by Kathleen Tracy.  Well, let me tell you, this block is appropriately named.  It's those darn little triangle blocks I have problems with.  No matter how I measure, you know the old saying, measure twice, cut once, well...... it just doesn't work out 100% of the time.  So, I had to end up tweaking a couple of the blocks.  Then there comes a time, you just have to say, that's it, it is what it is!!!!

Drawings laid out, trying to figure what I want to do.  It took like one day to come up with a pattern I liked, then when I decided what I wanted to do, it was completely different from any of my drawings!

So, I settled on the following. It took me 4 days of sewing, ripping out, and re-ripping out.  Those little corner blocks were a real challenge for me.  

I have the top finished and I like how it turned out.  I have it all marked  and it is now ready for hand quilting. I just need to get myself in gear and get it started.  Why do I put things off, I truly love to  hand quilt, and look forward to my evenings quilting and watching TV?  Maybe tonight will be my night to get it started. LOL

Our gardens have also been a busy part of my life the last few weeks.  Cutting into my sewing time?  Well, I have to be honest, I do very little out there.  My husband is the gardener, but I help water every evening!  This is his favorite time of year.  He puts his garden in earlier and earlier every year.  See tent city garden below.  We had a few very cold nights here in Northern Ohio, and hopefully that is over for now.

Our lovely iris are probably on their way out for the spring season.  It got so hot a couple of days that it made a few of them bloom all at once.  But, we do have a couple of varieties that actually bloom 2 to 3 times up until late fall.  

My husband's garden.............. he is out early in the morning, way before I wake up:), pulling weeds, watering, and just doing what he likes to do best, keeping busy...............

He is a tomato growing "freak"......all said in a good way.  He just doesn't know how to stop planting tomatoes.  He put them in one box, then added a few in another box, then added a few here and there among the other plants.  Now, a couple of days ago, I see that there are now 8 pots of tomatoes lined up along the back sidewalk!!!!    Well, it makes him happy and busy...........better than setting around being bored and grouchy!!!!!

It's almost 8 PM, and where did I put my quilting things?  

Visit back soon, I may even finally have my house block wall quilt finally done.  It has 13 blocks, 14 months of completing them, and 4 months of procrastination on finishing the binding!!!!!   



  1. I like the way your little quilt turned out! Love those colors!

    Loved all those views of your garden! Rick does a good job on designing, planting and so on. It looks like it belongs in a magazine! And good for you for helping him water! I wonder if Rick has ever thought of drip hoses that could be set on timers... :)

  2. That would be too easy, and what would he do with all his x-tra time? Plant more plants. LOL

  3. Maybe we can get your granddaughters to help Grampa water the plants so you can get your quilting done!