Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Stroll Through the Garden:

It is such a beautiful evening here in upper Ohio, somewhere near the shores of  Lake Erie, I just finished a stroll through our mini acres. LOL  The spring flowers are gone and the summer flowers are just about ready to pop........a few here and there are already out.  I have particularly noticed how many "blue" blooms we have spread out through the yard.

Here is a small bunch hiding around the fairy house!

Well, this is a purplish/blue, sometimes they are iridescent in the sunlight.


Here is the same flower, but a much closer view.  I guess it looks really blue here!

Oh, more blue flowers lurking in the flower bed.  Someday I am going to look up the names of my flowers!

Oh, how did this "pink" flower get in here?  My darling son added it:)

Now for the green part of the garden.  Things are growing and growing!
Soon to be green and yellow string beans, they are already showing!

Let's see, some tomatoes, some melons, and cucumbers.

Nice big onions, ready for picking now!  

Our second batch of lettuce coming up, and I think beets!

Then, the all important tomatoes.  I have mentioned before that my husband is a "tomato freak", only saying he really loves growing tomatoes.  He planted these early April, they have made it through a couple of frosty nights......... and we will have fresh tomatoes really really soon.  Oh, these aren't the only ones he planted, he has more lined up along our sidewalk in planters.  

We may not have a large garden compared to most, but in these raised beds, we produce enough for family, friends, and neighbors.

Until my next stroll through our gardens..............


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