Monday, July 1, 2013

My Sewing Mo Jo is Back!

I am back in the swing of sewing again!  I have been working on "working on" current projects, but just haven't been in the mood to really get involved in them.  Until yesterday.  Something just finally clicked, and I started one of my SQG's swap blocks. I played around on Saturday, trying to get the block to come out, needed to pay more attention to what I was doing............only took me 3 hours to do almost everything wrong......... then come Sunday morning..... I was on a roll.

I finally figured out how to use Eleanor Burns' flying geese template.  DAH!!  We have a 6" x 6" signature swap, the pattern is in Kathy's Tracey's book "The Civil War Sewing Circle".  The name of the block is "Friendship Album Quilt".  It is a beautiful quilt. We need to make like 60 of these blocks by September, so having a template to make them quickly is the answer!

Well, I have made one perfect square..........let's see how my luck holds out on the other 59!

We also have another block swap going on at the same time.  I first signed up for this block.....  It will also be a signature quilt block, 4 1/2" x 4 1/2", again, around 60 blocks.  But, I just couldn't get the other block out of my mind, so, crazy me, I ended signing up for both of them.  Like I said.............. not due until September!

This seems simple enough, until I start sewing it:)

But, these two projects weren't enough for me.  No, I have to make sure I am really crazy by the end of summer!  I had taken on a project before the two signature swaps.  Also, due in September.  This is the Valor Quilt I said I would contribute to Veteran's Center.  Gee, I have a couple of the blocks cut.  Oh, I also  made a "few" cutting errors on this one too.  That was in my, hurry, do not read correctly moment..........

Now mixed into the next few weeks of sewing...........I am expecting my daughter and three grandchildren from Texas in the next week.  Which, I am very excited about........ They will be with us for 5 weeks..... I promised that we will be busy and have a lot of fun activities.

Now, to keep some of my sanity, I have kept my craft room as my craft room for their visit.  Usually, I rearrange things so I can set it up as an x-tra bedroom.  But, my grandson, who is now 4, said he wants to sleep downstairs in the family room with his sisters!  If he changes his mind, he can always sleep on the couch upstairs or curl up with his mother in the spare bedroom.  It's summer, routine more relaxed, so where ever the sleeping arrangements are made........... it will all work out.  And Gramma has her room when she needs to get some sewing done.

Speaking of that............... it is now time to get myself on track, and get some more blocks done!  Check back to see how I am keeping up.  LOL

Sharon L.


  1. Nice pictures! You did a good job on those blocks! I really like that flying geese!

    I don't know what the issue you're having trying to leave a comment on my blog - I have other comments on there from today - one of them is mine.


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