Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Been A Busy Week!

My daughter and grandchildren from San Antonio, TX arrived late Monday evening......... Whoopee!!  It has been a non-stop whirl wind ever since.  Gennevieve turned 10 yesterday.  We celebrated with her favorite dinner that her mom made; macaroni type shells stuffed w/taco meat & cheese, and regular tacos.  Both her Aunts and Uncle and cousins were here for dinner.  Then, off to the movies to see Despicable 3.......... very cute movie!!  Back to Gramma's for ice cream cake.  This Gramma slept very well last night:)

But, I have been able to dedicate a few hours every day to my sewing projects, that have a September deadline.  I have been able to quietly organize my sewing every morning in my craft room.  I love my craft room, it's not huge, but it has everything I need.

Today will be pool day with all 6 grandchildren..........time sure does have a way of moving fast when your fast at my age!!!

So long for now..........


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