Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My darling daughter and grandchildren have arrived from Texas, late last night.  Gennevieve (10) had flown since she was an infant.  Izabela (6), her first plane trip was to South Korea and back when her dad was deployed there. Andrew (4), this was his first plane trip ever.  He said he liked the lights he could see on the ground.

I guess the trip had it's moments.........the stewardess made an announcement when the first leg of the journey landed at Dallas Airport........"if everyone could let the Cleveland passengers off first.".........they were only going to have 10 minutes to make their connecting flight........which they had to literally run for 20 some Gates to make their plane.  Seconds to spare......door shut after they got on......the Pilot was at the Cockpit door and saw Andrew and let him look inside:)  

Weather was bad, on the ground and in the air.  My daughter said the lightening was something in the air.  My husband, who has a hard time driving at night anyway, left for the airport in a driving rain storm.  He said that was a harrowing experience on  the road.  At times he couldn't see the road at all.  But, all ended well, excited grandchildren arrived, all wanting to talk at once...........

Snack time and an hour later they were ready to crawl into bed.

It's coffee time for me now this morning while everyone is still sleeping.  I usually give up my craft room as an extra bedroom, but not this time.  I have a place that I can come and play......... They still can use my room to watch TV and color at my craft tables..........but I have my computer for morning "work too".....

Until next time.......which will be soon........I will show you what I have been working on for the last week!


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