Sunday, May 17, 2015

Getting Caught Up!

It's taken me forever to get back to my blog and do some posting.  This winter sure did take a toll on my energy, brain energy that is.  Then when I did finally start accomplishing some things, I couldn't post any pictures or write about what I was doing.  Most of everything was to be a surprise for my granddaughter.  Two months of projects!!

Well, the Gnomes had to move their house to another garden.  It seems a band of Trolls moved in next to them, and they were a loud bunch.  So they traveled down into the valley hoping that they will have a nice long stay in this place.  lol

These dolls kept Gramma busy sewing for them for about 3/4 weeks.  

I was surprised how much fun these clothes were to make.  Ah, a few of them had me scratching my
head for a minute or two.  lol

The pink shrug was a head scratchier.  The blue wrap dress is one of my favorites.  I kind of customized it a little bit from the pattern.

Of course the stripe "mod outfit" made me think back to the 70's.  haha

The orange dress is a Peasant dress .... super easy after I re-read the instructions a few times.  lol
I was really surprised how these pj's went together.  I have to do another pair ... I think these are Izabela's most favorite outfit.

A craftier I am not.  But, I put together a makeshift closet and hangers for the dolls until Grampa has the time to make a better one.  This was just from a box covered in fabric.  But my granddaughter really loved it.

All the clothes patterns can be found in the pattern booklet by Annie's Sewing:  Love to Dress Up" for 18" dolls.  These were just a couple of the patterns in the booklet,  My Granddaughter may have to wait until her birthday in September to get the rest of them.

I also made two small quilts for the bunk bed Grampa is going to make!

I don't believe it, but I never got a complete "done picture" of the quilt I made for  my granddaughter as a gift for her First Communion.  I must have thought that I would get a picture of it after she opened it.  You know the saying, "Best Laid  Plans and all"

This shows a couple of blocks and  the turquoise flannel fabric for the back.  This quilt was the size for a double bed, and it was very warm and very heavy in my hoop to quilt.  But I was on a mission and got it hand quilted in  2 weeks.

I did get a picture of the completed top laying on my bed.

Look what I found on my camera,  a picture of my Granddaughter, Izabela, after she opened it.  

At this time I don't know where my next sewing project is going to take me.  I know I am way behind in my monthly Loyal Union blocks .... need to play catch up there.  Also, I have enough fabric to start the Cottage Romance Quilt published in the 2015 McCall's Quilting magazine. 

Well, it gives me something to think about as I lay down to sleep at night.  If I can't fall asleep right away, I usually have some quilting project playing in my brain.  lol  Before I know it ... I fall asleep.  Bad thing ... I never remember the great quilt I created in my head.  DUH!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you will visit again.



  1. Hi Sharon. Wow you certainly have been busy!!!!! Your granddaughte seems very appreciative. It would be so good if boys were that enthusiastic. Keep up the good work.

    I am going on holiday for three weeks at the beginning of June and will then start up my blog again. I just have had so little to blog about in the early part of the year. Thanks for continuing to follow my blog.

    Bronwen Beardshaw

  2. Bronwen, so good to hear from you. I will be looking forward to checking out your blog when you get back from your holiday. Have fun ....