Friday, August 29, 2014


Finished, actually finished this project early in August, but couldn't find time to set down at my computer and post the results.  I still have a "desk top computer", which means I have to be at my desk to do "computer" stuff.  LOL

I think this quilt is probably one of the most fun quilts I have ever done.  I definitely have to make another one in this way!  I let go of my "O.C.D." long enough to really enjoy the process of the surprise.  Sure, there were a couple of times that I would have liked to have "cheated" at the choice of the fabric that I pulled out of the bag.  But, true to my project, I sewed the pieces together as they came next.

All the blocks were done in the manner of pulling a piece of fabric out of the bag, no looking; and adding them to the block I was working on.  Okay, I got a little nervous, and wanted to pick again, especially when a couple of the same colors of fabric got to "live" next to each other.  Like a couple of the "reds" ...... they just bring my eyes to them.

As I noted, all the log cabin blocks were pieced by "surprise", but I actually chose my border colors:-)  Had to have a little "O.C.D." in this quilt.  LOL

I am using this quilt as my UFO challenge project for the month of August for the on line quilt group I belong to....  The Small Quilt Talk Group ..... Technically it wasn't an old UFO, but in my mind it was, as I new I wanted to make an American Doll Quilt for my granddaughter, Izabela, who is going to turn 9 in September. I had been thinking about this project for a good long time since their vacation ended with us early in July. (They were living in Texas at the time.)  So, what better way for me to "kill" to birds with one "stone"?  Make it my August Challenge and Izabela's birthday present.  Well, one of her birthday presents!!  She also has shown Gramma the robe and slippers that she wants for her American Girl Doll that would match hers. Of course, she is going to get them too:-)

So, here is my UFO & Izabela's Quilt, titled ................ HUGS & KISSES FOR IZABELA

Hand quilted with X's & O's thru out the quilt ...... hence ..... Hugs & Kisses for Izabela!

So, get your scraps out, have them cut to whatever you need for your block, and put them in a bag, and just have some fun.  You might be surprised at the out come.

Thanks for stopping by .......... you never know what my "brain" will cook up, so stop back.  Have time, leave me a comment ...


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  1. Oh that's so cute, she's gonna love it!!! remind me to send you our new address to ship it in case you don't come for a visit.