Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Surprise.......I'm back, just in case anyone noticed I was gone. LOL

I have been a busy girl, but not much to do with sewing, or quilting.  I was doing so well keeping up with my monthly SMQT group challenges.  Then mid-June came, and I received an early birthday surprise, given to me by my husband.

He had been working on a surprise for a couple of months, bringing my daughter and 3 grandchildren home from Texas as a birthday surprise for me.  He almost gave me a heart attack........maybe he had an alternative motive?  Anyway, one afternoon I walk into my living room, and there setting at my kitchen table are my daughter and grandchildren!!!  I guess the rest of the family had found out except for me and my oldest daughter.

So, good bye to my craft room for a few weeks.  They are here for another few days, leaving the day after my birthday.  I have been notified by my better half that this birthday present will take care of the next many birthdays presents, anniversary presents, and probably many Christmas presents to come!!!!  We'll see about that statement of his. LOL

It's always good to try and take a picture when they have to look into the sun!! Duh.... 3 of my birthday presents!!!

I haven't been totally craft free though.  Somewhere in the last couple of weeks, my friend, Charlene !!, got me interested in cross-stitching.  It has become a very addictive pastime ........... really enjoy doing it in the evenings while watching TV.  I can't believe that it has taken me so long to get into this craft.  She has been doing it for awhile, and I have always admired her cross-stitching.  But, looking at her latest pattern got me thinking I needed to do this.  I have completed 3 projects, currently working on my 4th..........  I am by know means ever going to be good enough to enter them into any "craft show", but what the heck, I sure do like how they look around my house.

I haven't abandoned by love for quilting.......... I think after the Texas invasion leaves, and I get back into my routine of sewing......... I'll work on some quilting projects during the day until I get to the finishing part where I need to hand quilt them.  For now,  I have time to set in the evening, or outside during the nice summer mornings and pick up my cross stitching.

These were what I was working on before my Texas gifts arrived.  I was going to do a patriotic table runner tutorial.  Well, put this on my to do list before next summer????

Oh, I have so many quilting projects that I need to finish, and want to start.  Does it ever get any easier? Oh, and not to mention the mending, and window panels I need to do for the side of my entry door. Oh, my mother gave me some of her pants, LAST SUMMER, to cut and hem for shorts for her.  I guess I still have time to get them done FOR THIS SUMMER???? LOL  I have to stop thinking about all of these things................or I need to go find some sugar goodies to keep me grounded?  LOL  Some Sugar has won out!!!!

Road Trip, oh road trip..............need to plan one of these soon with my quilting buddy.......... Quilting road trips always get the "quilting juices" running.  Quilt shops, fabric, a good time with these elements.

Until next time..........


  1. Sharon, what a wonderful birthday present. Yes Cross stitch is as addictive as quilting! How do I know? My box full of cross stitch to do for one thing and the constant question Where are we going to hang THIS ONE? Just go for it and ENJOY!

  2. Bronwen, I knew we were "kindred" spirits. LOL I have 3 cross stitch projects I need to hang... 2 I know where they are going ...... My fabric stash is looking at me, questioning me; "when are you going to play with us again"? haha Oh, this retirement thing is "so" hard............