Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SO COLD........

Well, I am very tired of the cold weather, even though I have lived in Ohio all my life, and I should know what winter is like here.  But, this winter sure tops the coldest in a long time.  Maybe it's because I am getting older, no, I think it is because it is cold!!!!!

Anyway, I am longing for warmer, sunnier days with warmth. LOL  That is why I changed my cover picture to reflect this.  As posted in an earlier post, my son made this stone fairy house for me for Mother's Day last year.  I don't know how he is going to top this for Mother's Day this year.  Unless this will be my "every year" Mother's Day gift. LOL  I did tell him, that if we move, guess who is picking this 100 lb. plus thing up and moving it?

So, being cold, I guess it has been a pretty perfect time to stay in and do some crafting.  I have been working on my pin cushion swap, that our SQTG is holding.  I don't know how are hostess did it, but my swap partner, Ruby, is a perfect swap partner and we have a lot of the same crafting interests in common.

I have had so much fun doing this swap.  I have never made a pin cushion before, but, I am already making a list of pin cushions I want to make for family and friends.  I think this could become addictive.  I thought pin cushions were the old tomato/strawberry kind I had as a young child learning to sew.  (After cleaning my craft room recently, I actually found my first one I ever had.  Now I am proudly displaying it.)  Somewhere down the line, I will put a picture up of my swap pincushion after February 25th or sooner if my swap partner and I finish earlier.

But, I have included some pictures of the sewing that I did this week.  My daughter's husband just recently had her grandmother's table refinished, and I have made a table runner for it.  Also, I made another table runner for my second daughter, Jennifer, as a surprise too.  My oldest daughter (Sarah), well, she made her Valentine's table runner last year, and she was so nice to have pre-cut the fabric for a quick table runner for me. I had her permission to use the pre-cut  fabric to make it for her sister, Monica.  How easy was that?  But I will take the credit for making it. LOL  I can't say which one belongs to her, cause she reads sometimes reads my blog:-)

I think it is like -20 degrees here with the wind chill, but I am off to go to the fabric store.  Nothing can keep us quilters from our task, right?

I just talked with my daughter, Sarah, and asked her if she would want to make some lasagna for her and me for tonight's dinner. I have been hungry for this for a few weeks, and my husband doesn't really care for it, but my son would eat it too.  It's more fun cooking with someone, especially, if I don't have to cook, as I am a spoiled princess cause my husband does like 100% of the cooking around here. I do the baking , though!!!
Anyway, lucked out again:-)  She had made lasagna on Sunday, and she has some leftovers for me & her brother!

Put my sign on my craft room door.............going shopping...........see ya later!!!!



  1. Well I love my VDay table runner, it fits perfectly on my table and it adds some color to our very drab Military Housing. I'll be patiently waiting for my easter one ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, I gave your sister her's tonight. It was suppose to be a surprise, but your father told her I was making it for her; last week. LOL She liked hers too, I think Rosa Cat & Chesser Cat were eyeing it as a new place to lay!