Monday, January 20, 2014

A Most Productive Week

Having my first cup of coffee in my craft room last Monday morning and looking around my craft room! What a mess it had become.  It had become the dumping spot for things in the house that didn't have a home.  You could not see the top of my cutting table or my sewing area.  The tables were covered in various stages of projects, kind of intermingling.  Underneath the fabric were the rulers I couldn't find, and other items.  It was at this moment I knew I had to get control of this room, as I was spending more time hunting down patterns, fabric and scissors, etc., than sewing. LOL

I started by taking everything off the shelves and out of drawers that were in my closet.  If I was in a hurry to clean my room for company, I would shove anything and everything in and on them.  I opened my closet drawers very slowly so things wouldn't tumble out on me!

I sorted everything in piles, and separated all my crafting supplies.  I was in a purging frame of mind. Everything that didn't belong in went to live in another closet until I can clean that one. LOL  I had so many boxes and jars of pins and needles, you can't imagine.  I eventually separated all of these too.  It took me a full week, but I am proud to say that it never looked better.

I have my sewing projects in their own containers.  All nice and neat.  I still have to purge my fabric stash.  I talked with a friend who's church makes children's quilts for the ill and needy and told her I would love to donate what I have to them.  I read recently that we shouldn't be afraid to purge our stash, as our tastes change.  Mine sure have.  So, in the next couple of weeks I plan to organize most of my fabric by color.  I will still have my flannel and homespun separately, and also by color.

Current projects on my agenda:  Boy they just keep piling up.  I have a pin cushion to make for our online SQT group  That is a priority.  Then my daughter has requested a table runner, and soon, as her husband had her grandmother's table refinished for her at Christmas time.  Maybe a reversible one, as I could do a Valentine's and Easter themed one.  LOL I want to catch up on some of last year's monthly challenges in our SQT group I didn't get a chance to do.  I have 2 different block swaps from that group to get done.  I did at least get the Snowball Block up on my design wall yesterday.

Let's see, what else, oh yes, I need to make 3 aprons I didn't get done for last Christmas!  I am working on my "socks" in the evening, maybe I'll have a whole pair in a week or so.  I did find a couple of people's feet that they would fit.  At least I now have a purpose to get them done!  And they both like the look of the sock right now.

I think this is all at the moment that my brain can handle.  I need to get some pictures of my projects in progress and maybe my "clean" room while it is still clean.  My husband even complimented me on my room. Like it would make a difference, it's my room! But it was nice that he noticed the work that I had done in there.

Until next time....have any organizational tips you want to share?


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  1. It sounds like you're making good progress! I started on my sewing room too, but I haven't made as much progress. Keep up the good work!