Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year.......So Far on Track!

New Year starting out good. I finished a monthly challenge (Bear Paw Block) that was assigned to us from our fearless leader, Kathy Tracy, in her online Small Quilt Talk Group.  She gives us a challenge each month to complete, either one of her free patterns, or from one of her published books, or from one of her patterns that are shown in  the "101 Fabulous Small Quilts" book published by Martingale.   Even if you are a "large" quilt maker, as I was, these books are worth having.  And, the small quilts are a lot faster to make than completing a large one. LOL

Not intentionally on my part, but after I put my blocks together, I think I got "The Grinch's Paws" instead of the Bear Paws.  Oh well, I still really like this little quilt, and it makes me smile:-)

This is my fabric choices for the Bear Paw block for January.

Also, most of the blocks are represented by Civil War fabrics. I am having so much fun adding these beautiful fabrics of this era to my stash. I am currently "weeding" out  my older fabrics and asking the question, why did I buy these? Some of my stash is down right ugly....... It must have been the lighting in the stores?  

Just to update, I joined this online group in February of last year, shortly after my retirement.  I have never joined anything on line, and reading all the e-mails and seeing the quilts from these amazing quilters, I thought, why not.  It was one of the best things that I could have done for myself.  When you work and  are socially connected to lots of people, when you don't have that on a daily basis, life could get a little depressing and boredom would surely settle in.  I have a great family and love to spend time with them.  But, they are not available every day of the week.........and  my on line quilting friends are.  Even though I  now have a retired friend who has been my quilting buddy for many years, along with my oldest daughter, your on line quilting friends are there when you turn on your computer, early/late.  LOL  And you don't have to get dressed or comb your hair for them.  hahaha

Now onto possibly another challenge.  Last year our group had a fabric square exchange, a Snowball Block exchange, an Ohio Star Block exchange (oh, and these both will be large quilts) and finally a Secret Santa Exchange. All of these were great fun, and I am so glad I chose to get involved with these.  But, now I am torn about doing our latest exchange, it is a pin cushion exchange one on one......  I have never done a pin cushion, and I am sure I could get it completed in a month's time, I have made plenty of pillows.....and it is basically a "very, very small pillow.  I guess I first have to decide what kind I would make, and the signup sheet lists people's choices as to fabric and's just committing to do it.  Time is running out, I need to decide by January 15th.

Well, it is now time to get back to my sock knitting project, still in suspense of the size it will be, but it's looking good!

Oh, did I mention that Kathy Tracy started another group, it's called the Dear Jane Quilt Group? This is for only the people who have or have at least done a few of these DJ blocks, can join.(I think there are over 200+ blocks) I am thinking about looking into this too.  I often wish I had stayed with quilting when I was younger, there are so many quilts to make, and now hoping my eyes and by quilting hands hold out for a few (lots) more years.:-)



  1. I like your Bear Paw quilt! It's funny that you would talk about the DJ blocks. A co-quilter, Audrey - who has had quilts at the fair, is working on a DJ quilt. I have also thought about taking something like this on. I even checked into buying the book with the blocks. Obviously mine wouldn't be the full deal but it's such a pretty quilt... Then I think about Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Street quilt pattern that is similar to the DJ quilt...sigh...decisions, decisions, decisions.... Maybe when we go to the Piecemakers meeting there will be someone there who is or has worked on a DJ quilt or the Elm Street quilt that can steer us in the right direction... :)

  2. I knew I would get your attention.......:-)

  3. I like the Bear Paw quilt. very cool colors! Now when are you going to start my table runner quilt for Grandma's table?? :)