Monday, September 30, 2013


Well, my stupid time was yesterday.  My one hour of stupidity will now cost me probably a good night if not more of fixing my mistake.

I finally got the "humph" to get going on an old quilting project.  Got it all backed and ready to quilt.  So, in the last week I was able to get some hand quilting done around the applique on the quilt top.

Oh my, new fall TV programs to watch.  I can't just set and watch TV, I have to have something in my hands to work on.  So, I figure I will just mark the top of this quilt really quickly and I will have something to work on.  It didn't matter that I couldn't find the right marking pencil.  No, I would sharpen, and sharpen, and sharpen the old pencil that the lead kept breaking on, and you couldn't get a descent point with if your life depended on it.  See where this is going?

So, when you don't have a nice point on your pencil to mark with, you get a bulky kind of mark.  But, no problem, it will be fine.  I can correct it as I go.  Or, I will have a quilt that I will say is on the "Primitive" side. LOL  I just  kept on quilting, saying, oh, I'll fix that later.  Three hours later, I had a mess.

So, what will I be doing tonight?  Yup, I will be ripping out all that hand quilting, and then taking out all the markings I made.  I went to the store today and got me some new pencils.  Hopefully, I learned my lesson and will not end up like this again.  Haste makes "waste" of time.............

Until we meet again.......make it a good one!



  1. Well, now I feel like I need to start quilting mine! But! I have to finish the little cross stitch pin keeps I making for a gift. Then I'll start hand quilting my fall quilt so I'm thinking by the end of this week I'll start it. Lucky you've got new fall tv shows to watch as you tear all that out...:(

  2. I think we need to sometimes do something really dumb so we can "smarten" up. LOL I did take out all my stitching and the markings. After so much man handling, I think I will need to re-baste a lot of it. Will it ever end...........dumb, dumb, dumb. hahaha