Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Not only is it really fall, but the Holidays are just around the corner.  I am not ready to deal with that one yet, so, I won't be making any type of list for awhile for holiday sewing. LOL

But, I do have to do some things that  have been on my list, because they sure didn't get done in September.

My daughter sent me the doll quilt I made for my granddaughter, Gennevieve, to fix.  For some reason, their sweat dog thought it was hers, and loved it a little to much.  It should be easy, or rather, fixable with a little thinking on her grandmothers' part.  I think I am going to come up with some totally different corner:)

Then, there is the quilt I made for my grandson, Andrew" (when he was 3 & now he is 4)  that I want to enter in an upcoming quilt show in November.  Everything has to be sent in by the end of this month.  Sounds like a lot of time, huh?  Me, I am a putter offer...  I need to send in the registration form, with a picture of the quilt, and the entry fee.  That shouldn't be to hard to accomplish in the next week.  Hopefully.  LOL  I have to make a 4 inch hanging sleeve for the show (which will be a removable one, so no fancy sewing there).   That may be the problem. I have already had this quilt for almost a month, nothing done on it.

I do know how to take a blurry picture, don't I?

The theme of the show is Reflections of Nature.  

We have to include a story behind the quilt for their booklets. (150 words or less).  Here is mine.

This quilt was made for my 3 yr. old grandson, Andrew, affectionately known as "Andrew Bear", and he was living in Tennessee.  At the time he wasn't thrilled at having his sisters play with his things; so when I saw these bears, and the fabric, NO GIRLS ALLOWED, it was a perfect fit!  So, hence the quilt name:  TENNESSEE BEARS ON THE RIVER.      I have bear paws for the corners!

Leave me an encouraging reply that you have faith in my ability to get this quilt done for the show. hahaha
I'm going to be checking to see if you have any helpful hints for the "putter offers"............



  1. Aww, the poor doll quilt! I like the picture of the "Bear" quilt hanging on the barn - too cute! I have faith that you'll get everything done for the show - might be right up to the last minute, but you'll get it done!


  2. you better get it entered in the show!