Sunday, October 27, 2013

An October Quilt Challenge........

Finally, I completed a monthly quilt challenge with the on line small quilt group I belong to.  Now, I think I am only 4 monthly quilt challenges behind.  Someone in the group suggested she might complete the current challenge, then working backwards to catch up.  I liked her idea, and I completed our current challenge due for October.  Next, November challenge and September catch up!!

Our challenge for this month was to make a maple leaf small quilt/table runner/or whatever!   I really don't have enough things to display small quilts on, and   I always like to have a table cloth or runner on my kitchen table to "pretty" it up, so table runner it was.

This summer we had a couple of signature block swaps, totaling 100 blocks plus.  I was in both swaps, so my summer was pretty much spending a lot of time at my sewing machine to make the deadlines.  I was buying fabric for a couple of the past swaps, but never got to the cutting out part.  So, they are definitely on my UFO projects to get done before the end of the year.  Our on line group has decided to do a Secret Santa Swap, not to be left out of all the fun, I signed up for this also.  So, trying to get a couple of my UFO's done, SS swap, and lets throw in some secret sewing projects for family and friends...........I'm hoping for cold days to keep me inside wanting to sew?

But, back to my October small quilt challenge.  I am proud to say, I didn't have to buy any fabric for this project and found parts and pieces from my stash.  I don't have that large of a stash, but enough probably to keep me sewing quilts for a couple of years.:)  ..

Before I show you my completed October challenge...... let me explain that my least favorite sewing task is doing the binding on my quilts.  I don't know is just not that enjoyable for me.  Even though it doesn't take that long, it may be just the process of getting it on the quilt!

Now, I am embarrassed to admit this part, since I have been sewing long enough to know all the little quick time saving tricks.  Wrong!!!! For some reason, I would attach my strips one strip at a time, cut it from my machine, attach another strip, cut it from my machine......and so forth.  Well, dah,  another light bulb moment..........I just "string piece" my strips all at once now.   DAH, again.  I am sure most of you probably already do this, but, there may be a few like me out there that just need a light bulb moment every once in awhile.
Strips joined, marked and string pieced!

Now, just cut apart and trim to 1/4 inch where sewn.

Showing perfect joined binding to quilt top!

"Easy Peasy.".....

Now, I have been using a method of binding per the Better Homes & Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting book  for many, many years.  It  does comes out very well with their instructions, but, I always have to refresh my memory when it comes to this part, and  their diagrams & pictures of the closing binding is always a little confusing with all the twisting and turning it takes to do it.  Now, I use the method shown in Kathleen Tracey's small quilt books.  Her method is clear and the photos are easy to follow.  A big thank you to Kathy Tracey!!!!!

Drum Roll...................October's SQG.Challenge......."Dancing Maple Leaves on The Patio"

Not my best pictures.........odd angle to get a good picture.

Well, I am a happy camper right now.  Finally got a monthly challenge done, and one that I like a lot.

Now.....on to getting those UFO's done, one at a time!!



  1. Great job! Congrats on the finish. I'm a memeber of your group, but I'm a lurker. I think I've finished one challenge this year.

    1. Sunny, don't feel bad about the uncompleted challenges........I was so busy during the summer working on my signature swap blocks, I didn't get any other sewing done. LOL There is a good change since I am doing the Secret Santa exchange, I won't be getting any more challenges done the rest of the year either. There is always next year, with "fingers crossed" :) Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon, Your table runer is beautiful. Love the colours and that go so well with your table. Nice idea, I might just borrow it, please. Am hoping to cut some maple leaves out this afternoon and perhaps start piecing. I like your idea of working backwards, borrowed I know from someone else, but still, that's what quilters are for isn't it. Bronwen

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Bronwen, I have started my day out well!!! I did a reply to your comment, then I deleted my comment by accident. LOL What I said was: Please borrow my "table runner pattern", it is fun to make, and you "will like it"!

  3. I really like the table runner, very pretty! Since my dear husband sent Grandma's table to be completely refinished when it comes back from the shop, it could really use a new table runner :) Just an idea??

  4. Sharon, Your table runner is beautiful! Love the setting with candle and cute pumpkin! Congrats on a finished challenge quilt! I am far behind in those. : )

  5. Great job on your table runner. I still have dah moments. And the worst part is when I have them, sometimes it is because I completely forgot the info. Sigh! Bonnie In Va.