Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where has Summer Gone?

Well, I know a good portion of my summer was spent at my sewing machine in my craft room.  I had joined two signature block swaps, plus was invited to do a private block swap that goes along with one of the other swaps. I think the ending balance on all the blocks I completed  is somewhere around 135.  Give or take a block!  That is not counting the many, many blocks I redid again, and again, because they just didn't come out to the square inch they were suppose to be.  But, in the end, I have many "flying geese" blocks that will become a border on a quilt down the line!!

 Being the procrastinator that I can sometimes be, I put my sewing off for a couple of weeks while my daughter and grandchildren were here visiting from Texas. But, as of today, I am totally done with all my swap blocks.  Yippee!!!!!

These are some of the different flying geese blocks I made

These are the snowball blocks I made for another swap.

These three blocks were made for a quilting friend that was unable to participate in either swap due to an illness.  But, many of the "signature swap" quilters have also made extra blocks for her, and eventually she will also have a signature quilt she can put together.

On your left are the 20 Ohio Star swap blocks I made to go with the flying geese blocks.  On your right, are my mistakes.........But I am going to use them in my quilt.  I like them, they are off their measurement by a fraction of an 1/8 inch.........and the seams will line up, and most of all, I like them!!!!!

This is what happens when you thing your paying attention, while watching your favorite DVD!!!

My next post, after I have another cup of coffee...........has to do with "peaches".  Stop back and see what I have been up to:)


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