Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Morning Blog

Not only is it Monday morning, but it is also April Fool's Day.  What a way to start the week!

I am always wanting to make something that I should have "started yesterday".  I guess I get more things done when I have a short time to do them in?  Well, anyway, I wanted some kind of table runner for my kitchen table for Easter.  So, "pa-rousing" the internet, I found a few patterns to make a quick table runner.  A few of them stated "make a table runner in 10 minutes".  I couldn't even get my material cut in 10 minutes.

So, I adapted a few of them to make my runner.  The first attempt, I folded it wrong and got a total different look than what I was going for.  I put it out for our craft night get together at my house, but the following day, I had to take it apart and redo.

This is not what you want your runner to took like!  Or maybe you do:)

So, since I am the "queen of the seam ripper", it was easy enough for me to tear out all the sewing back to the "tube".........  Following are the directions for a quick (not 10 minute) table runner you can have in less than 2 hours.  From start to finish!!

I chose 3 fabrics, instead of 2 fabrics that were suggested in the u-tube videos.

My Happy Easter fabric was my theme print.  (14 1/2" x 40"
Green check bordered my theme print (2 1/2" x 40")
Floral print was my coordinating fabric (20 1/2"  x 40")

I sewed my checked print to both long sides of the themed print. (Themed print should end up in the middle of your table runner)

Now, place right sides of themed print and coordinating prints together and sew long ends, and you will end up with a long tube.  Press your seams to the outside.

This is what your tube will look like.

Press open with your themed print showing, and your sides even.  When you use 2 fabrics, more of your coordinating fabric will show on the top, where mine looks like a border.

Now, fold in half, make sure your "themed" print is ironed to one side, and the border is ironed to the outside.  This is where I made the big mistake in the first try.

Sew 1/2" on the short folded ends.   You might want to cut the tips off of the corners for less bulk.  Press seam open and you should have a point.

Turn inside out and press flat.  You can not top stitch if you want to.  I had some yo' yo's laying around in a basket, and attached them to the ends.

Looks much better now.................

I think when I make more, and I have more time to finish them; I will probably sandwich them with quilt backing and quilt the tops. I just happen to like the look of quilted things.  I have made table runners with just flannel for the backing also, and they turn out nice and lay flat.  The flannel can be quilted also, and you can even add applique.  

Well, until next time................oh, I haven't forgotten, I will be blogging soon on my delicious fruit tarts!  Which means, if you like fruit pies, you'll have to stop back...............

Thanks for stopping by......


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  1. Very good instructions! Like the new finish!