Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March's Goals!

Hello to you all..........and thank you for stopping back. It has been a busy, sometimes crazy time since I last updated my blog.  From having the flu a couple of times, having to meet with friends for outings (I have such a tough life) and making a surprise visit to my daughter and family in Tennessee before their move to Texas in a few days. 

Boy did my husband and I surprise them, we only were there for 2 days, but I think it was a good time had by all.  It was a last minute trip decision, because we don't do the airplane thingy, and we aren't sure if we can do that far of a drive.  We'll see, I think that is what retirement is about, right? 

Now, I had plans to get a few projects finished by March's end.  The ugly small quilt challenge by Kathy Tracey's Small Quilt Group, I don't think that is going to happen for this month.  All the fabric is still in the basket that I took a picture of.  I am rolling my eyes at this point!

The last block of my wall quilt, well I  have done a better job getting closer to finishing this.  Again, I don't think this is going to be a March's done project either.  It's funny, I had told myself this block was going to be such a hard thing to do, a lot harder than the other blocks, and I just kept putting it aside.  Come to find out, even though it has all these paper pieced parts, it went together much easier than the rest of the other 11 blocks I did.  Okay, to be honest, I still sewed things backwards and upside down.  I definitely sew for fun and not for profit.

A couple views of my Town Hall Block from The City Stitcher Quilt Collection designed by Janet Miller.

Ah, I have it laying on my ironing table..... it doesn't do it justice on how good it does look!

My "must get finished" due for an April 13th baby shower, is well on the way to being done.  Here is a picture of the top sewn together.  I have it layered and backed, and three quarters of the way hand quilted, and hopefully in the next week, I'll be completely done!!

I also have been making hats........they are really easy......... and I made these 2 for my granddaughters in TN...... which is really funny, because they are headed to Texas in a week, which I really think they will not be needed.  But I had made my daughter her hat while I was there on Friday, and Izabela claimed it for, Grandma had to come up with these 2 hats quickly, and they are in the mail as of today!!  Yay!!

So far today, my crafting has been put on hold, my other grandchildren who live just down the road from us, are on Easter vacation and are at my house today.  My darling granddaughter, Hannah, is being treated as the "princess" because..............................see below:

Cheer-leading/tumbling accident!!

She severely broke her wrist and had to spend the night at the hospital, and didn't get out until Tuesday evening.  So, while her parents are at work today, and probably the rest of the week, she is recuperating at Grandma and Grandpa's.......  Affectionately known for the next few days, as The Princess. 

Her mom decorated her cast with her Fierce Team's loco.  No national competition for her in April!

Well, I hear the "Princess" calling, and I have to check on her to make sure she is wiggling her fingers so the swelling goes down and they won't have to cut into her cast.............

I made some really good apple and blueberry tarts (that is what I call them) on Sunday........ I'll have to do a post on them and hand out the recipe.  They are that good........

Until next time, thanks for stopping by again, and come back for the tarts!!!


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  1. Surprise, Surprise, Izabela wore her hat to school today. We woke up and it was in the 40's! Yesterday was in the 80's. Of course we move to TX and they are hitting record lows for this time of year. It's ok for us though, because we love the chance to wear our hats!