Sunday, March 3, 2013

March's Crafting List:

Oh my, March is coming in like a lion for me.  I have a couple must do's on my list:

Number one, and most important; I must make a baby quilt for a close friends's daughter who is having a baby shower in mid-April.  Oh what fun it was to shop for baby girl quilt fabric.  My daughter and I took a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric's store Friday to pick out fabric for the quilt.  They have such a large selection of baby material.  It didn't take any time at all to decide what fabric I wanted.  Purples, yellows and greens all coordinating fabrics, it was hard to stop buying.

The pattern is Crazy Eights by Bits'n Pieces.

Second on my list:  Our online small quilt challenge  for March is to go through our stash and find the ugliest fabrics that we have. Yup, I know we all have some, we don't know why we bought it, or how it got into our stash, but it's there!

Well, I guess I am glad at this point that I am a procrastinator, because a month or so ago, I started to organize my stash, and I put "that why did I buy that" fabric in a pile to donate.   I pulled some out the other night, cut it in strips, and somehow will try and put it in the designated March's quilt.  I felt bad that I had labeled some of the fabric "ugly";  so in the end,  I put it back in my stash drawer; until I go through it again and re-label it "ugly" and put it back in the to be donated pile.  I always root for the underdog, always have, always will!! I don't know if the picture below does them justice to just how ugly they fabrics are!!  Maybe on their own, with the right coordinating fabrics, they could make a nice something.  But, altogether.......??

I think I am going to make Scrappy Triangles by Kathleen Tracy 

Then, the last project on my list for this month is to finish that last house block to complete my wall hanging.
I keep picking up the pattern and the fabric (at this point in time, I'm not sure what fabric was to go for what part of the building, LOL) and rearranging it in it's box and keep telling it I have not forgotten about it, and I will return soon.  I do have it's larger part hanging on my living room wall just to remind me everyday that I need to finish it!!!  It hasn't helped, because my husband asked me yesterday if there was something else that gets done to this quilt? The edges are all funny!!

Here are all some of the fabrics I have picked for the block.  I sure hope I can remember what is suppose to go where!  Lucky me, I found this flag on fabric that was exactly the size flag needed for the flagpole.  Yippee..... I sure didn't want to end up embroidering the flag!! Bought enough so our "craft night group (all 3 of us) would have it for our quilts. LOL

This is the paper piecing block I still need to do.  Lots, and lots of paper piecing, and then lots and lots of embroidering. Out of the 12 building blocks in this quilt, I left this one for last, because it will definitely be a challenge.

Now, some quick evening fun:  Because I am in between starting above projects and need projects to do while I watch TV at night,  I have been making crocheted hats for my oldest daughter.  I even made a nice looking flower that she has agreed looks good on it. (not pictured) I am currently making her daughter, my granddaughter who is 12, the blue hat that is pictured below along with yarn for "my middle" daughter's hat.  Okay..........daughter No. 3 (who currently resides in TN) and my TN granddaughters, yours will be coming soon.  Okay, I know you have been waiting 5 years or so for your quilt, but these hats shouldn't take that long. LOL

These are just a fun quick half double crochet that go together in a couple of hours.

Okay, a special thank you goes out to my son, who says he is going to take my computer away from me, because I just can't get the hang of posting pictures in my blog. LOL  I can see I am going to have to make my bribes to him better so I can continue including pictures.  Wish me luck!!

Now, I have to go to the cutting board and start that baby quilt!!

Until next time, and hopefully with pictures!!



  1. Nice fabric for the baby quilt! She's going to love it! I like your "ugly" fabric too! I'm looking forward to seeing what it all looks like in that Kathleen Tracy quilt! The hat looks good too. I wonder if it's something that I could get Ginger to do if she ever comes to craft night!

    I'll try to write down the steps to adding pictures to your blog so that your son won't take you computer away! LOL!


  2. You're making hats and I'm the last one to get one?! Remember I am the "hat daughter" and I need some new hats to wear to hide my hair (its growing out and I dont have time to get it cut)

    I don't think your ugly fabric is that ugly either. I like the bright yellow swirl one and the one with the bright flower on it.

    Good luck with all of your March projects!