Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who Doesn't Like Snowmen?

I was going through some pictures of  projects that I had completed for Christmas 2012.  My good friend, Char, showed me a pillow she had completed for one of her Christmas presents for her family. Loved it! Check out her pillows on her blog at Char's Crafty Creations.  I needed to make this for one of my daughters, and then I needed to make different ones for my other daughters. Crafting is a viscous circle, you see a project you "need" to make, then you "need" to make more because you "need" to make many for many people!!

Frosty Friends was made for my friend, Gail, and Welcome Friends & Flakes was made for my youngest daughter, Monica.  

Merry Christmas was made for my "middle" daughter, Jennifer, and Let It Snow for my "oldest" daughter, Sarah.  These patterns are both Crab-apple Hill patterns.

My friend, Char, and I had first seen "Let It Snow" at a quilt shop early in the fall and went on their waiting list for the pattern.  They had this darling pillow on display with coordinating fabrics.  Loved the fabrics and their pillow, so we bought the fabric.  Quilter's Motto regarding fabric:  Buy it when you see it, or it won't be there when you want it.!! Their pillow was much more detailed, and we wanted it!!  Waited, and waited, and waited.   So, as we waited for Let It Snow; my friend showed me her Merry Christmas pillow.   Loved her pillow, so I started to work on this one. Still waiting for the Let It Snow, I made the other two with patterns that I found along the way.

Finally, late Oct., early Nov. the pattern comes in.  My husband and I make the 50 plus miles round trip to the quilt shop and I finally have the pattern in hand.  The pillow pattern is not included??!!!  So, anywho, I winged it, and I am happy with the outcome.  

Now...of course, I want all of the snowmen pillows that I made for gifts.  Will I ever make these for myself, hope so.   My daughter's seemed to love them, so what more could a "mom" want?

Have a good crafting day and hope you'll visit me again. 


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