Friday, February 22, 2013


It's a this and that day!  It's also a cold, freezing rain day along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio.  So, it is a good day to put down some ramblings.

UFO'S:  No, not in the sky.  The ones that are lurking in your closet, drawers, under your bed, under someone else's bed.......maybe never to be seen again.  

I have been "actively" quilting for a little over 15 years.  I don't have many UFO's, cause I have this problem;  when I start a quilting project, I usually have to finish it.  It may take me a couple of months, but I don't start on something else until it's done.  Now, I may throw a table runner or a small wall quilt in there, but mainly I don't have to many unfinished items. 

My biggest one is the one above.  I just need to pull out my fabrics (I found my missing pattern) and start piecing it.  I will enjoy sewing it, once I get it to my sewing machine; but just thinking about the paper piecing and the applique and the embroidering that needs to be done, makes me not pick it up to work on.  I like all this, as I said, I just need to get it to my sewing machine.  My husband's sister is visiting from Florida this April..........I really would like it done by then.  Doable, right?

My daughter wanted to take this fall class for a wall quilt, so she persuaded her mother and our quilting friend to take the class with her.  She finished quilting hers, my friend and I still need to do that.  I am thinking when it get's closer to fall again,  then I will get it quilted.  I have a small quilt for my online quilting group, should finish that in a couple days for the February challenge.   I have fabric to make my youngest daughter her "sock monkey" quilt.  I have a collection to make a quilt for our bedroom.  And, I need to make a baby quilt by the middle of April.  I guess my collection of UFO's isn't that bad.  Okay, I have had my daughter's sock monkey fabric for 5 years (she will be 31 in May, it's doable, right?)  Somewhere down the line I'll get these pictures posted.

CRAFT ROOM ORGANIZATION:  I have this spare bedroom that is my craft room.  My son hung a metal pegboard, painted it white, and I have re-organized it for the 3rd time.  It's getting there.  Every few months I work on organizing my fabric.  Well, my daughter gave me a dresser (lime green, goes with my purple walls) to organize my fabric.  So, I get my fabric out of those containers that were stacked in my closet, carefully stuff that fabric in those drawers, no organization there.  

So, my daughter gets this old large dresser from her husband's uncle last week. Her fabric now is all folded, fat quarter style, by color in her drawers.  She looks thru my fabric stash yesterday and says something to the sound of "not much order here, huh"?  I get the last laugh for now, we have the same taste in fabric (for the civil war theme now) and all I have to do is pull her drawers open to check out what she has, and borrow some.  She has to search thru my drawers. hahaha

Oh, and she has more UFO's than I do too.  Her niece, my granddaughter, is waiting for her bed quilt that her Aunt started like 3 years ago.  The top is done, I have offered to quilt it (we are both hand quilters) and get it out of her UFO's. She already made her other niece's quilt (and she's been using it for 3 years) and the girls share the same bedroom.  Oh well..........

But my daughter did give me a finished top to quilt that she made.  She started this a year or so ago, and it isn't what she wanted.  So, she asked if I wanted it?  Sure do, I like it a lot, and I have just the place to hang it in my family room in the basement.  Right now it's living on my design wall!

So, what and where do your UFO's live?

Thanks for reading my ramblings..........hope you'll visit again.



  1. You like to start a quilt and finish it. I on the other hand start many, many projects - not just quilts and it takes me forever to finish any of them! LOL! But I'm getting there. I have the fall quilt top all pinned to the batting and the backing. Then there's the quilt that I don't know who to give it to but at any rate it's pinned and ready to be quilted. But the City Village quilt...yikes! I think I have to make one more block, then I have to applique and/or embroider on all of them. Then I have to learn from you how to quilt a block at a time, then sew them all together. Oh, and let's not forget the boys rag quilts! Geesh! I wish I hadn't started writing this all down!!! Because that's the quilting part. Then I have the cross stitch part and the rug hooking part! Yikes!

  2. I like the fact that you call them UFO's haha. I have a couple of unfinished crocheted blankets hiding somewhere.