Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brand New To Blogging

I'm here with a good friend (at least she was before this blogging thing started tonight) trying to figure it out.  Not sure how to add my favorite blogs......well just everything.  I wanted to name this blog "A Work In Progress" because it all will be a work in progress.  It was already taken, so there must be "a lot of works in progress" out there. LOL

The picture of the quilt above is my current work in progress.  It is The City Stitcher Quilt Collection, designed by Janet Miller.  I have one more row of 3 house to attach.  My daughter, Sarah, and my above mentioned friend, Char, are both working on their version of the same quilt pattern.  We have been meeting one night every other week for the last year to work on our quilts while watching "The Big Bang Theory".  Even my son, who lives at home, drops by from his domain in the basement.  He likes us!!!!  He really likes us, we are cheap entertainment!!!!  Hahahaha!  It's a lot of fun and we laugh a lot!

So, thank you for dropping in, hope you'll leave a comment or two.  If you know how to add blogs that you are following to a blog, please let me know how.

Bye For Now......... Sharon


  1. I checked out your blog - love the quilt! I went into my blog and am "following" your blog. Lauren is going to let me know how to add a blog to our blogs so hopefully we can get that figured out. :)

  2. I created a google account so I can comment on your blog, but I haven't figured out how to "follow" a blog yet.