Thursday, April 4, 2013

Music For A Crafters Ears

I'M DONE!!!!   I'm shouting it out, in case you didn't know.  I have finished the quilt that I am making for a friend's daughter's baby shower in the next week.  The assembly went quickly, even the hand quilting was done in less than a week.  It's that final thing that always makes me backslide.  I don't know why, I usually don't have any problems with it, it is just the "I don't want to do this thing now" !!  I am talking about the "b" word, binding.

I actually ended up hand sewing the back of the double fold binding twice, because it is for a baby, and will probably be washed many times, I wanted to make sure the binding would hold up for many years.

This is the top of the quilt.

The quilt measures 35 1/2 " x 42"
I really like how the hand quilting came out after the washer and dryer.  

This is the back of the quilt.  If you click on the pictures, you can see the enlarged photos.

For a fraction of a second, you get this let down feeling; you know, like after you unwrap all your Christmas presents?  Now what do I do?  Well, I guess I am going to have to "pa-rouse" my UFO's.  Or better yet, I think I may have to start a new project.  We just got our new monthly quilt challenge from Kathy T............ so I guess I can head to my fabric stash (or add to my fabric stash) and design board.

Until next time............



  1. Hi Sharon, I came over from small quilt talk. I love all your pictures, they are great. I hope the Princess is feeling much better and heals fast. I'll be watching for your tart recipe.

    1. Hi Sandi... Thanks for your support. Oh, I gotta sit down and do that tart recipe. Soooo good and easier than a pie!

      The Princess is still being a "Princess", but she is doing well. Get's an x-ray Thursday to see how she is healing and may get a smaller cast. Thanks for asking. Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon, I'm in the Small Quilt Talk group with you. Saw you post your blog and I love it. The snowmen pillows are adorable. I love the projects you are working on. I also love the quilt in the header. I am now a follower. Hugs

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for your support. I'm a smiling:) Sharon