Friday, June 17, 2016

Time to catch up!

I have been away from my sewing for a couple of weeks.  I did manage to make a couple of table runners.  Well, I completed the top for one, and still have to do a border for the other one.

It seems when the good weather comes, I want to spend more time outside on my porch/deck/patio than set in front of my sewing machine.  Usually I have something quite substantial to work on in the evening while watching TV.  But not this year.  I was working on cross-stitch in the evenings, but finished what I was working on, and not in the mood to start another cross-stitch project. I also enjoy reading at this time of year.

So, you ever get your quilt tops done, but really, really don't want to finish the part where you have to sandwich it, pin / baste it / then mark it for quilting?  I truly love the hand quilting part, and put off the part that needs to get done before I can quilt.  Ah, I found a short cut for this table runner project.

Below is the top of my table runner.  It is looking a little pink as I am outside under my red umbrella. lol  Got it basted, wanted to start quilting and skip the marking for hand quilting part.

This is what I found!!  I found a perfect piece of backing for the table runner ... it is Christmas themed, super clever, but the best part of it is that the print is an easy pattern to follow w/o marking it. Instead of quilting from the top, I am quilting from the bottom.   Yes, it looks pink also, but it is red and white with green in the hearts.  I am quilting with green thread.

In less than an hour for sandwiching it and basting ... I could start hand quilting.  The front is looking pretty good to.  Sorry, I'll show that in another blog when I get this completed.

This is working out great .... maybe a few more days of quilting .... and I will have a reversible table-runner to use now and one for "later".  I have patted myself on the back .... and, I may have to use this quick method sometime again .. a fabric with a print that would make a good quilting pattern to follow.  Something with a nice large check maybe.  lol

I am now going to work on my table-runner.  Next pictures will not be under my red umbrella!!  


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