Thursday, June 23, 2016

PHASE 1: Craft Room Update!

Truth be told, I find that I am not keeping up with my blog because I haven't had anything to write about, also trying to post pictures from my I-Pad to my blog has been a real "joy".  NOT!!!!  I think I may have finally found a way to do it:-)  So far, it is working.

This seems like a yearly event ... clean, re-organize craft room.  So hopefully my plan will enable me to start fresh and maybe for the last time?  lol Or at least not have it a yearly project. 

This is my messy closet ... really want to be able to find "stuff".  I waste so much time looking for "stuff" that I have organized only to loose it again.  Ever have that problem?  Please, make me feel better by saying you do too?  lol I have even called my friend, Charlene, to maybe suggest where I may have filed my "stuff"!

I can't work in too messy of an environment, so solution is just to close the doors.  Clean my work areas.  Kind of put my things away where they kind of go .....  Below is my projected closet re-organization.  It is definitely not to scale, that is my husband's job.  Just showed him the drawing I made  ... he seems to like it.  So, with any luck ... these next rainy/hot/humid days will keep him in doors and play in my closet.  He really is a good builder of things ...  I am getting excited.

Oh, the really bad part of all of this .... to clean out this closet and find a place in my craft room that I can store all of this "stuff".  In the meantime, I still want to be able to sew.  Yes, I want it all ... new storage closet and the building not to disturb my sewing!!

Next project out of this book!

My son feels that I now have enough expertise to make a quilt for his wall.  Or, I do a good enough job to adorn his wall. lol  Gotta love your "children"!!!   So, he actually found a pattern he likes, surprise, he found a few patterns he likes, out of my books.  There is one, down the road, maybe long road, I will make hopefully as an heirloom quilt for him.   NOT IN NEAR FUTURE.....  

I am hoping my new found projects will give me something to write about.  Please stop by and leave a comment on my progress.


P.S.:  I am telling myself to give at least 1 hour a day to cleaning out the above mess.  We will see how I do on that one!  Going to have lunch, shall return with hopefully 1 hour under my belt.  Maybe more!  lol

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