Saturday, June 18, 2016

Just Hanging Out In My Back Yard:-)

I enjoy a nice stroll thru my back yard.  All the spring flowers have come and gone and the summer flowers are just about ready to bloom.

But look what is lurking around out there!  I have a husband who is obsessed with planting tomatoes. Now mind you, we are a household of 3 who would do well to have just a couple of plants to feed us all summer into fall.  He tells me every year as we are watering the tomatoes (and flowers, another story) that he will plant just a couple next year.  I am not sure what year he is talking about, but I have yet to see that year!!

He starts out so well, We have raised garden beds ... it use to be a back yard of raised garden beds. lol
Now a nice bed next to our shed.  He planted maybe 12 plants, so innocent looking.  I am thinking .. wow, great.

You see, from previous years we were supplying tomatoes to "friends, family, neighbors, and strangers" unloading our crop.  About August, people were hiding from us when they saw us coming. lol  But, he made a friend of a locally owned fast food chain that loved receiving these, free of charge.  We felt good about this because you just don't want to have these go to waste.

So onto the story of my back yard walk this morning .... Little by little, I would see containers of tomatoes springing up.  He would say, oh got a good deal on them, not buying any more.  Ah, heard that one before.  These things kept cropping up here and there on my patio.  Then because the cement keeps the dirt hot in the containers, plus very dry, he had to find a place to move them.  So, around the house he went placing tomatoes.

Here are a few of his beloved plants.  lol

Starting place

I spy a tomato plant in my flowers:-)

4 of them here .. raised on wood, prettied up for patio. lol

Oh, 2 more innocent looking tomatoes!

1 more on side of house:-)

There are 4 hiding in here among flowers, sorry there are 5!

And one greeting you on the way to the garage door.

I am not really complaining ... his obsession could be worse.  Oh, wait ... it is.  He is well know at our local Lowe's Store, in the plant area.  I finally told the lady that is in charge over there to not sell him anymore flowers .... I was with him at the time.  She laughed and told him that she had some flowers that maybe he missed.  I get no respect.  When I stopped there with my oldest daughter, who is an avid planter also (wonder where she gets that from) the "lady" said she was glad to show her some flowers she may have missed.  lol  Smiling at me the whole time.  She really is a nice lady and it is fun to shop somewhere where you can joke with the staff.  Oh, got a son that has the bug also ...

Anyway, this post is all in good fun today.  My husband's hobby keeps him busy and leaves me more time for my quilting.  Like I don't have an obsession???????

So, if your ever in my neck of the woods come August ... I may have a tomato or two for you.  lol


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