Monday, January 11, 2016


Winter has finally arrived here in Northern Ohio near Lake Erie.  We actually got our first real snow yesterday; windy, blowing snow.  Didn't bother me a bit because I didn't have to leave my house:-)

Crazy here this year!  Not complaining, when you can go shopping in 50 degree plus weather in January in Ohio:-)  My friend and I were out cross stitch pattern hunting yesterday, and it felt like a spring day. Of course, the next day was winter!  Gotta love it.

I haven't posted since November, but I have been busy.  I did the binding on a Quilt of Valor I made through our Quilt Guild.  I pieced a backing for another Quilt of Valor to go with the front that I had worked on.  I just need to finish up the presentation pillowcase and get the binding cut so it can be bound after it has been machined quilted by one of our Guild members. That needs to be done by Thursday.

I made a Red & White quilt for our December challenge thru Kathleen Tracey's Small Quilt Talk Group.

This will also be entered in our Quilt Guild's quilt show in October of this year.  I have always wanted to make this pattern, love log cabin quilts and barns.  Got both in this quilt.  lol

My Cottage Romance Quilt still needs to be sandwiched and hand quilted.  I'm pretty sure this is going to be a March/April project.  I'm pretty much involved with cross stitching at the minute.

My friend and I found these monthly calendar patterns when we did a cross stitch "shop hop" in the fall.  We've decided that we are going to make them into monthly removable calendars that will fit into a frame.  Then we just switch out for each month.  I have just recently started February ... maybe I can get it actually done for that month!

They really are adorable patterns.  On your "right" is how I store and keep track of all my floss.  Then when I start a new pattern, I pull the colors and put them in a smaller box to work out of.  If in the meantime I find another pattern and I want to buy the floss for that, I check out my colors first to see if I have them.  This is my secretarial mind at work.  lol

Oh, almost forgot ... I made an apron for my oldest daughter for Christmas.  She loves practically anything that is "chicken" related.  We found the cutest chicken fabric a couple of years ago ... I had been waiting for her to make up her mind on what style apron she wanted.  I knew it had to be something in the "30" category; so I just went for it and made her one for Christmas.  It came out super cute and she loves it.  I'll get a picture of her in it eventually:-)


Found an amazing Vintage quilt book.  It is called:  "Farm Girl Vintage" by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet.  Super, super cute blocks.  To make alone, or as table runners, or pot holders, or quilts ... so much to choose from.  Of course these are my two top picks below:

Early evening and I have to get involved with something .... sewing machine is looking at me ... but also my cross stitching is looking awfully inviting..........

Thanks for stopping buy ... what have you recently finished or currently working on?  Leave me a comment ... 



  1. I like how you display your quilts when taking pictures! Maybe one of these days I'll display mine in/on something other than my chair or bed! LOL!

    1. Thank you Char ... I have no other choice. lol My bed is always a mess, and my chairs are not in the right spot to get a good picture! Matter o'fact, I don't have many choices in this house to get good pictures. To dark ...