Wednesday, November 4, 2015


What happened to summer?  It's fall and I am at the same place I always am.  Things to make for Christmas ... which I actually thought about in July, but; you know .... time and days just get away from you.

I have been busy in my craft room. I finished two quilts from our Guild that were machine pieced by members, all I had to do was sandwich them with batting & backing ...I hand quilted and added the binding.  I actually got both of them done in a couple of weeks by working on them in the evenings while watching TV.  Both quilts will be donated to shelters.

This was an easy peasy quilt to hand quilt.  I quilted it with red thread ..... wanted to add a little punch for the binding ... so I found this great fabric ....  

I think this was my favorite .. I hand quilted different sizes of "bubbles" for the underwater theme.  It's kind of hard to see .... but it was really fun to do. Same fabric for the binding .. just makes it pop and fun.

I was busy working on the Cottage Romance quilt from McCall's Quilting series this year.  It is a 6 part series published for 2015.  I didn't make the whole quilt, I just made some changes so I could have a nice size wall hanging.

This will be an "after" the holidays project.  But it is the part I enjoy the most ... hand quilting it.

Oh, I just remembered ... I was requested to sew "part" of a Halloween costume.  Here, I thought I was done with all that.  You know, the last minute sewing .....  My 11 year old granddaughter, Gennevieve, who lives in Missouri needed a pinafore for her outfit.  So .. Gramma, that's me, picked up a really easy apron pattern to transform into a "pinafore" for her "creepy" doll costume.

Boy, it has been some time since I sewed a "pattern".  I had her mom measure her ... measure the dress from waist to hem ...  That seemed like a good plan.  Her measurements were almost to the Small size ... so I cut everything out for that size.  Boy ... that really looked big.  Not to mention .. I really didn't read the instructions ... I am a sewer, so who needs directions? ... I had pictures.  lol  Yeah, had the apron almost done ... pockets and all ... it was way to big.  DUH

I am anything but not resourceful ...hahaha ... that even makes me laugh.  Used that sewn part and re-cut everything for an x-tra large child's size.  I know how to sew, what is making this so difficult? Could it be that I need to read the construction directions?  It turns out that everything works so much better when you read directions.

All in all ... it turned out really cute ...  My husband, oldest daughter & her son, and I surprised the Missouri grandchildren with our arrival at their place for Halloween.  My oldest daughter did all the kids makeup and hair .... totally worth the 10 hour drive.

Oldest daughter (Sarah) the makeup artist.  She really is good.

Sarah and her son,Mario, in the red & blue.......  lol  The green thing is my youngest daughter, Monica!  She is part of that game .... Mario & Luigi .... but I can't remember it's name.  hahah

two cuties ... Genne w/her friend Lilly
The pinafore .... perfect fit!!!!

Andrew as Mr. Luigi..... lol

Izabela as Princess Peach

My brain is tired from all this ... so ... until we meet again.  Hoping sooner than later.


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