Thursday, January 29, 2015

Updated Photo's of Snowball Quilt of 2013

I recently received an e-mail asking how I quilted my exchange blocks from our Small Quilt Talk Group.  Because I cannot figure out how to attach photo's to an e-mail with my new computer .... I thought adding them to a post may be the quickest answer.

I hope this is a help.  I attached some other photo's of the quilt that I added and weren't very clear in my earlier post of March 12, 2014.


I wanted a fairly easy and quick way to finish this quilt, so I basically measured a 1/4 inch from the snow balls, corner to corner of the quilt edge. 
I added a detailed label with some of the quilters information to the back.  The name of our group that was involved in our exchange, states we were from, countries we were from .... and the name of the quilt.  This will always be one of my prize possessions.  I have it hanging over my desk, above my computer, and I get to enjoy it every day.

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  1. How wonderful. You have done an amazing job finishing this very special quilt.

  2. Sharon this is beautiful. I have the fabric now to complete mine and it has just made the "complete these next" page. Will post piccie when finished but don't hold your breath!