Thursday, January 1, 2015

Here We Go Again!

WOW ... another New Year.  I am thinking Mother Nature likes to play pranks.  Well, maybe it isn't her, but I'm blaming her anyway. LOL  Another year, another "wrinkle"?  That's how I see it ... there in my bathroom mirror after my shower this morning,  new face wrinkles that weren't there yesterday!!!  I am going to stop wearing my glasses when I "put my face on" in the mornings.  This could be interesting to the people that I meet face to face.  LOL  Gotha love Mother Nature!!

So, here we are at the beginning of a new year .. oh what do I want to accomplish, what will my goals be?  I no longer do resolutions, it seems when we break our resolutions we give up on whatever we had set our tasks to be.  If we make goals, and some don't get done, we don't feel like we are a failure.  So, what are some goals I want to accomplish?

Top goal on my list, it started yesterday .......... get this craft room/office area cleaned up for once and for all.  I really did make a step in the right direction in 2014, got a lot of my crafts and tools organized.  The problem being ......... when I found what I needed .... not to good on putting them exactly back where they were suppose to go.

I actually do have sewing projects in their own neat little containers that I had started, for some reason or another, abandoned ...  There they set, "in their neat little containers", waiting for me in 2015 to get them done.  LOL

It's winter and my husband needs projects to do.  He is kind of getting squirrely setting around not being able to play outside in his flower and vegetable gardens, so he is making a list of things to update the house.  One of those being, my craft room.  I am very excited about that.  But, there is always a "but" ..........  I have to actually empty this place of lots of stuff.  In the end, It will either have a hard wood floor (that would be very nice), or another type of low pile rug.

I'll make sure to take pictures and post them of the "before and after" 

Last year my friend and I had decided we were going to do a sampler quilt.  Something like making a block a month .... thinking a process that will take us a couple of years to accomplish.  We fell in love with "The Loyal Union Sampler" quilt from Elm Creek Quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini.  We are definitely not making the "huge" quilt that is shown in the book.  But, we picked blocks that "spoke" to us individually.  Mostly, the blocks that spoke to me were not complicated and paper pieced. LOL  I eventually want to make the more difficult blocks ..... but they may end up being a one block pieced and hand quilted ... maybe hanging around my "new craft" room.  Probably by then, I won't even be living in this house!!!  LOL

So, here and there shopping around at our favorite quilt shops, and a couple road trips. we have been stocking up on our fabric.  The first thing we had to consider is what our basic background fabric would be. When that was chosen, we then set out to acquire our fabric for the blocks.  I like the roses and greens, sprinkle some medium blues in there, and of course some brown fabric. 

My next step will be to make a chart of the blocks I have chosen.  All my fabrics are going to play well with each other, but how to choose what fabric for what block.  Oh my .....

When I get settled into this new year, and I can drag my "friend" over to my house to play .... I am going to start another blog just for The Loyal Union Sampler Quilt".  I am hoping to do some tutorials of my block making process, and maybe get some hints from fellow Loyal Union Sampler quilters out there to chime in.  I would love to hear your stories of your blocks that you have chosen, how long the process was for you with making the quilt.  Or, have you just started making the quilt yourself .... or you want to and you don't know where to start.

 So to my fellow bloggers .... and to my fellow quilters ..... crafters .... readers .... whatever you do, I hope you find time in this new year just for you to do what inspires you.

Have a Happy ......... and Mother Nature .... you be good!!!!


After playing for a few hours, and blogger not being co-operative .... finally uploaded my new blog.  Hope you can drop by!



  1. This is a test for you, Sharon!

  2. Thank you Char .... you are always so helpful!! LOL