Friday, February 21, 2014


I think I have noted a few times how I can't just set and watch TV and not have some kind of hand project to work on.  I have to get moving on my SQT block swaps I did in the fall.  I am almost to the point of getting my first swap block quilt sewn together.  It is the Snowball Block, I have it all set up on my design wall and ready to sew the rows together.  I have some really good ideas I want to incorporate on the top, so I had better get a move on it.

But for now, I have been doing different "needle" work.  On my knitting needles I have a sock in progress, and I have it's mate finished.  I did finish one pair that went to my granddaughter, Hannah.  She was thrilled to be the recipient, or she was just being polite!

I think these will be for me, they are so light & soft!

My Crochet Needle (Hook) is currently involved in making "another" scarf.  This winter has been brutal, and I was finding that a couple of scarves that I use were just not wide enough to keep the wind out of my face.  I have crocheted since I was 7, which is many moons ago, and I really always enjoy doing this kind of craft.  It's just kind of mindless; if your making something like this, and you can take it with you w/o  keeping track of a pattern.

It's color is shades of gray with a hint of lavender, which matches my coat.

Now my just finished project of an hour ago, involved the use of 2 needles. This project was from the SQT group challenge for February.  Make a spool block something.  I really didn't want to make a small quilt, because my daughter and I are possibly going to make a larger quilt for our craft rooms using the spool block pattern.  So, I ended up making a 7" x 7" block to hang on my craft room wall.  

The next needles I used were of course the embroidery needle and the quilt needle.  I sometimes like to add a little "bling"  to my crafting, something unexpected to make it a little different from what the pattern calls for.  I like to think no "crafting police" live at my house, at least that I am aware of.  LOL 

Oh this easy pattern was not so easy for me.  I first read the instructions wrong, several times, it only took me maybe 4 - 5 blocks to finally get it right.  Also, I learned the hard way........wash your dark colors first before putting in a block.......cause they will bleed onto your white fabric.  I had a perfect block made, I think my 3rd..... and I wanted to press it flat, so I sprayed it with water, yup......"heart fabric" bled on "white thread fabric....  So, onto making it again, and maybe again.......... I lost count.  But, I am so happy to have it completely done...........

This post was just to drop in and show you what I have been working on in these long, cold days we have been having here in my part of the world.  Hope you will stop back, one of these days I may have something really cool to share with you:-)


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