Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Be Prepared!!

Be prepared, that's what I'm getting ready to do for the predicted snow that is coming our way, again.  I'm making a list and checking it twice. hmmmm"Where have I heard this statement before"?, Either to much caffeine this morning, or not enough. LOL

My short list, but time consuming I'm thinking:

           1.   Finish my pin cushion swap project.  I just need to get it stuffed...... I have a habit
                 of putting the last minute things off.

           2.   Work on completing my Snowball Swap Block Quilt:
                              a.  I have 5/6 x-tra blocks to make to complete my top
                              b.  arrange blocks on my design wall
                              c.  sew all blocks together to complete quilt top
                              d.  mark top for hand quilting
                              e.  sandwich quilt top with backing
                              f.   baste quilt top
                              g.  Ah, I am not thinking that I will have it quilted this week! LOL

            3.   I also have a couple SQTG challenges that are in containers that I need to attend to!

If I follow my list, I think this will give me plenty to work on while the snow is falling.

In the meantime..... I have another sock that is on my knitting needles............  Yes my first pair of completed socks have found a home.  My sweet granddaughter, Hannah, has offered to give them a place to reside. She said they would be perfect for her boots.  You know, the boots "all" the kids are wearing all the time, even during school, I think they are called Uggs?  I am so far removed from what is trending......unless it has to do with quilting:-)

These were pretty easy to make for my "first completed" socks.  They are a tube sock, no heel. 

Another set already started.  Great TV watching craft!

Also, while I am in my craft room, I will be catching up on my series of DVD programs.  I just finished the 1st season of Downton Abby, I am waiting for the 2nd season from the library.  If it takes too long I may just have to buy it and then ship it to my daughter (I've got her hooked on it now).  I recently watched Ballykissangel, it was on BBC 1996-2001, this was one of my favorites.  It aired on BBC channel and took place in Northern Ireland.

Now, I found Emily of New Moon series.  It aired on CBC TV 1998-2000.  The series is based on novels written by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  I've watched the first 2 seasons and just picked up the last 2 from the library today.  Between  these two last episodes there are like 16 hours of watching.

I have also borrowed from my daughter, starting with Season 1 & 2, the Gilmore Girls. (She has all the seasons)  I never saw the first few seasons, got hooked on them late in the show.

I do like a good murder mystery, but not so much when I am crafting.  I want to watch something usually funny and relaxing.  I mostly "listen to" rather than "watch".

Thanks for visiting..........until next time!

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