Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Fabric .... New Project!

I was just complimenting myself yesterday, I haven't been buying unnecessary fabric, working on projects that I want to have finished soon, or at least in my life time!  I told myself I have enough fabric to make a dozen quilts/projects easily.

I am babysitting my furry grandchildren this week while my daughter and family are on vacation.  They are less than 5 minutes from my home, so I am working in spending time with them.  That is why I came up with the idea of working on something for me at my daughter's house, making a Christmas lap quilt.  Found I have a lot of mis-matched Christmas fabrics that would make a great Christmas sampler quilt.  

Well, yesterday my friend and I visited a couple of quilt shops.  I had a 50% coupon for one of the shops for my birthday.  Can't not use a coupon, right?  I found an adorable Christmas Charm Pack that I could use with my fabrics.  

On that darn Pinterest site this morning I found a quilt that I could use my (1) charm pack for.  It required a background fabric to do it.  But my brain is figuring out something else, I think this pattern could use alternating red and green fabrics to give it that wow factor.  And that is how I ended up with new fabric and a new project.

If this turns out as good as I think it will, I can see more projects like this for FALL, HALLOWEEN, SPRING, SUMMER ........ And on and on and on ........ Addicted?  I don't think so!

Off to the cutting board ... can't wait to show you my progress.

Catch'a later,


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  1. Well, you've been quite,the busy busy person! I'm going to,have to get busy to catch up!