Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quick Update

I have been busy sewing and haven't found that x-tra time to blog.  I have started a few projects, only one needs to be really completed soon.

Our guild wants as many of us to contribute something in our annual Fair..... so I thought why not ... I get more accomplished in life when I am under "the gun".  What to make?  Started pa-roozing the internet and Pinterest to get some ideas.  Since it was early June and everything was about making something patriotic .... that's where I started.

I finally decided on a flag ... a primitive Colonial Flag ....  First I wanted to do it as a tumbler block .. lots of quilts in our Small Quilt Talk Group on line were making them.  But I wanted something larger.  Playing with tumbler pattern blocks ... I couldn't get the right size I wanted.  So this is what I came up with:


I am really pleased how it turned out.  This is just the "flimsy", still have to "sandwich" it together.  I need it completed by end of July to have it ready for the fair.  It should be a pretty easy hand quilting project.

Also been working on this quilt that is being displayed in McCall's Quilting Magazine for 2015.  It is called Cottage Romance and has 6 parts.  

Part 1 of 6 is Pinwheel Galaxy Block ... which is the larger square below, and is the center of the quilt.

Part 2 is Jacob's Ladder Block .... I haven't decided if I am going to make this one.  The full quilt would measure 95.5 x 98.5 inches.  I just want a wall quilt .... so I need to figure that out.

Part 3 is Log Cabin Block .... Always one of my favorites ...  right now I am planning on placing them on the sides around the middle.

Part 4 is Pinwheel Star Block ...As show above ... I am going to place them above/beside the log cabins.  They will set on the 4 corners. This I am hoping to enter in our Guild's 2016 Quilt Show in the fall.  So, I have plenty of time to thing/sew on this.

Oh yes, can't forget my sewing on Loyal Union Sampler Blocks ... I think I finished 6 of them since my last blog.  They are kind of a fill ... maybe something I can finish in 1 or 2 days.  Also ... may show this in our guild quilt show also.  

I have a couple other things playing around in my mind to sew ... but right now that is where they are going to stay.  lol

Visit my other blog. to catch up on my Sampler Blocks.  Loyal Union Sampler ... my hyperlink won't display it, but you can find it in my blog list.

See you soon, I hope.  lol


  1. Your flag looks beautiful! But I think it looks even better in person! :)

  2. Two questions, maestro.....what is finished size of quilt and are you going to make a pattern. I bet McCalls or APQ would love it. And no matter how simple it looks there are tips you came up with to do and make stars....perfect circle. I will have to look harder at next post to see the quilting. My nemesis....nice nice nice quilt. Jane who needs to figure out how to chnshe the NJ to WI in her name.....heheheh

    1. Who's the world's biggest procrastinator? I guess I won:-) Meant to get back to you a long time ago
      It's about 36" x 26" ... pattern is pretty easy ... just 1" in ch squares .. The stars I will have on next time before I hand quilt it. DUH ... what was I thinking? The perfect circle ... I have to thank my son ... he looked at a "real" flag and did the circle. My try at making a perfect circle was a "little" wobbly .....
      After I collect more tans/blues/reds .... I'll try my hand at this again. I have to sharpen my skills at matching my seams better. All in all, I think it may be in the top 5 of all the quilts I have made!!