Sunday, October 15, 2017


Hello it's me again. Tired of Facebook for the moment and all the problems of the world, thought it was time to catch up on my blog.

So, this morning I decided today would be the day to finally get the back of my husband's quilt basted. Not basted in the way of the pain like peeling off a stuck band aide!  No, the pretty quick and somewhat easy new way that I have found to do it.

A few months ago I was contemplating the sandwiching of a quilt that needed to be done.  Not looking forward to either pinning then hand basting; I started surfing the Internet!  I found on You Tube a video showing basting done by using pool noodles.  I had to sort out how in the heck to set it up, because that wasn't shown in the video.  So after fumbling around, I finally did find out how to spray baste the 3 layers together.

Even though it took me about a month to hand quilt it, almost every night, all the layers stayed really well together.

My brain kept telling me there had to be a better way to do this.  So, yes I figured out a way that just might work. Below is what I have come up with.

First step is to roll your fabric, here is the back fabric for my quilt, onto a pool noodle.

Step 2 ... roll your backing onto it's pool noodle.

Roll out a portion of each, with back fabric on top of batting. 

Roll backing fabric toward and over both noodles.
Spray the batting and smooth fabric on it.

Make sure no wrinkles and smooth, smooth, smooth out with hands.

Turn noodles around, rolling fabric toward you from last sprayed part.
Spray baste the batting, and smooth fabric onto it.

Keep doing that for a while. I did mine just before floor.

I carefully folded up sprayed part and laid on table, and continued.

WALLAH... It's done and came out great.  Less than a half hour of work.
Now top fabric will be done the same way.
Backing with batting, batting side up will be sprayed and top smoothed on it.

My next step will have to wait, because I need to mark the top fabric.  Which I am thinking will take a little while, as I am considering a Baptist Fan pattern or circles. lol Pattern is Walk About by Grizzly Gulch Gallery, designed by Ann Lauer.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice descriptive post! Good for you! I wish I had bought pool noodles this summer!

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